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  1. No no! Rewind: http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=25376&view=findpost&p=193252 Cheers Lennart
  2. I'm happy to announce the SteadyBAKE v1.2 Update! Short notes on changes: SteadyBAKE v1.2 : CSTO CurrentStateToObject/Single File export/bake added : PLAmate: Center At Parent(Default) or Object itself : PLAmate/xREC: PreRoll, run the scene from start then record from PreView Start to pre roll simulations (i.e build up particles) : PLAmate: Option to keep baked result up to point differs. "Bake 'til it Brake!" : xREC: Set Phong Angle. : Xref_XTIME preset added : xTIME "Speed" parameter range to less than 0% (for new tags) STEADYBAKE_README.pdf info at: tcastudios -> SteadyBAKE Current users are sent the update. Cheers Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios
  3. Hands deep in pockets, kicking tire* going, "Nah, I don't know….eh" * In the mid 70's the Swedish custom car magazine "Start&Speed" had their winter project, a hotted Beetle at the 14 day exhibition "Hot Rod Show" in Stockholm. The car stood fairly close to the aisle and when the show was over they had to replace the brand new fat tire, it was all worn to the core at its -side-…… Cheers Lennart
  4. Found out today. RF5 Mesh Particles R12 mute tut. RF TP R12 10mbQT Cheers Lennart
  5. I'm a little disappointed that ya' pC hardware maniacs don't build your own monitors. Must be better and faster, no? Cheers Lennart
  6. Up the min and max polys to cover your poly count. I.O.W. , try harder Cheers Lennart
  7. SteadyCHAN is updated for R11 and R12. Some internal functionality plus Terragen2.1 10 channel format as well as extended Camera export/import in plain ascii as SteadyCHAN now also reads and rights the Target Distance parameter of Cameras. (on top of position, rotation,FocalLength and Aperture) So i.e a Camera animation in R12 can be transfered to R11. tcastudios - xfiles Cheers Lennart
  8. "Control the Editor visibility Mode for point objects except point objects set to "ON" (Green Editor Light)" Cheers Lennart
  9. Just set the point level and click ok. There's a readme as well. Cheers Lennart
  10. PolySPEED: a little viewport helper. Hide high Polygon/Point objects for faster viewport movement. Free and for R10.5+. tcastudios -> xfiles Cheers Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios
  11. IsoALPHA: a little alpha buffer helper. Selected objects will render as alpha buffered. Free and for R10.5+. tcastudios -> xfiles Cheers Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios
  12. You are aware of the "Render Only Selected" option in render settings? Thou it will give an unmasked/unbuffered render it makes a proper straight alpha. For "post buffer" with the possibility for a straight alpha the IsoALPHA thingy might come in handy at times http://www.tcastudios.com -> xfiles Cheers Lennart
  13. You can animate the cam from top view with a few keys then control its position and POI using valueAtTime. First only animate the cam position roughly, make a Null layer (here I named it "CamControl") and add EffectControl slider that goes from 0 to 1 in small increments. Name it (here I called it "Move") Then on the cams Position add: move=thisComp.layer("CamControl").effect("Move")("Slider"); ctime=thisComp.duration; thisLayer.position.valueAtTime(move*ctime); This will control the position along the animation path. Then for Point of Interest add: move=thisComp.layer("CamControl").effect("Move")("Slider"); ctime=thisComp.duration; thisLayer.position.valueAtTime((move*ctime)+ctime*0.01); this will point the camera 1 percent ahead of time. Cheers Lennart
  14. D = Drop Out, the average level of education of MoArtists…. Cheers Lennart
  15. To add to the bag of tricks, add a Tracer to the Cloner. Use the Tracer as Target in SCPRO or SteadyTARGET and be done with it Or natively , have a Null AlignToSpline to the Tracer, then a TargetTag on the camera using that Null as Target. Cheers Lennart
  16. You get the clones info with the Mograph Data node. Cheers Lennart
  17. I would probably approach the issue by generate TP ambient lights at collision(s) with a fall off about the size of the clones. Setting the fading by simply keying the strength of the original light object. Cheers Lennart
  18. This would be a perfect task for SteadyBAKE FreezeBowl example 1mb QT PLA bake (PLAmate), time remap (xTIME). Done! Sorry for the plug, but the tool is pretty new:) Cheers Lennart
  19. SteadyBAKE is “officially” released as I’ve put up some basic tuts now! SteadyBAKE include: PLAmate, pla animate “anything”. xREC, record frames to fileseries. xPLAY, play file series. xTIME, manipulate Point- and MoGraph Caches. xTRACI, animated point objects via splines. Please have a look at http://www.tcastudios.com -> SteadyBAKE and see what it’s all about! Or look at the QT Basic Tuts here (same as on the site) PLAmate Basics xREC Basics xPLAY Basics xTIME Basics xTRACI Basics Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios
  20. The function now called xTRACI is a part of the SteadyBAKEv1.1 update sent to current users. Cheers Lennart
  21. I just saw you've already written what I did about cloning points...... I don't know about the free RipTide and pointclouds , but Pro is well worth the money for all it does regarding obj's in and out of Cinema. Cheers Lennart
  22. Oh, and in the ShaderEffector, check "Visibility" found under "Parameter" to have the correct amount off points (Invisible points then don't get cloned so you have the correct result, Black areas = no points) Cheers Lennart
  23. Ok, Instead of cloning a light, Clone a poly with a single vertex (centered). Run "Current State To Object" on the cloner. Select the result incl children and run "Connect+Delete" command. Then you get a single object with only the points that can be exported. Is that what you need? Cheers Lennart
  24. The RipTidePro export and import obj's with only points (and no faces) if that helps here. Haven't read everything in the thread. Cheers Lennart
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