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  1. Such as: Interpolation 1mbQT Cheers Lennart
  2. It is parametric as the PLA/Cache is bypassed by the spline control. You can ommit the PLA/Cache all together as it was for demo purposes in the video only. Just run the Tracer and then connect to the expression. The spline form is selected via the regular AM control (Linear, Cubic etc) The interpolation is set within the script instead of the AM and the option is to mix between Uniform (to keep the shape as close to original as possible) and Natural that makes for some artistic result Basically vertices have different time values along the spline. Cheers Lennart
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    "The processes of perception routinely alter what humans see. When people view something with a preconceived concept about it, they tend to take those concepts and see them whether or not they are there. This problem stems from the fact that humans are unable to understand new information, without the inherent bias of their previous knowledge. A person’s knowledge creates his or her reality as much as the truth, because the human mind can only contemplate that to which it has been exposed. When objects are viewed without understanding, the mind will try to reach for something that it already recognizes, in order to process what it is viewing. That which most closely relates to the unfamiliar from our past experiences, makes up what we see when we look at things that we don’t comprehend." Phenomenology of perception, By Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Colin Smith, Translated by Colin Smith, Contributor Colin Smith, Edition: 2, illustrated, reprint, Published by Routledge, 2002, ISBN 0-415-27841-4, 9780415278416, pg. 484-486. Or we just go with "42"...... Cheers Lennart
  4. This forum has a pink header. It can only give advice on how to cast on knitting, and Taco stands quality in general. Cheers Lennart
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    I'm afraid of no Americans, as long as they are knitting. Cheers Lennart
  6. And the Pope goes with the BigBang Theory. Wonder what kind of chicks will hook him up for that.... Cheers Lennart
  7. And to remedy my own slipping down, I took the '58 Epiphone Texan FT79 and set it up with a Texas Highstring a couple of days ago. (You use 12string octave strings only on E A and D.) And my gosh, the joy of that discipline opened up loads of arrangements on stuck songs and as a result of that the joy of the onscreen work was boosted big time! Nonsense = Goodstuff! Cheers Lennart
  8. And that is why things tend to go downhill Cheers Lennart
  9. var goodstuff; var nonsense = TRUE; main(http) { if(!goodstuff) goodstuff = http->FindObject("goodstuff"); if(goodstuff) goodstuff = nonsense; else nonsence = goodstuff; } Cheers Lennart
  10. Slow downed Cloth, animated striped texture. Invoice in the mail. Cheers Lennart
  11. Yea, f*ck time Thing is, I come from a world where slooow is crucial. Making content for gigantic projections and people would fall off their chairs if things move to fast plus any graphic that is seen thru the tiny hole a camera have in production can not rush or it would just be something flickering in the background. And as good as many media players are now a days they still doesn't cut when worse come to worse, live broadcast editing. Cheers Lennart
  12. Hi. I've had this idea for a while and could test it today. How to slow down cached animation and not get the linear/pulsing result that sometimes happens. Please have a look at the idea to drive points with splines instead:) I think it's pretty cool! AntiPuls Concept 10mbQT Cheers Lennart
  13. Is this what you're talking about? Cheers Lennart
  14. Looping Cloth Tut R12 update An updated Cloth Loop Tut given the change in the PointCacheTag of R12. (Although the basic idea works in pre R12 as well.) http://tcastudios.com -> tutorials Cheers Lennart
  15. You iterate the objects of interest and compare where they are in relation to a fix point and a default value (Your 1:1 distance) Then multiply their scale by that difference. Cheers Lennart
  16. Thanks. Yea the access to all kind of splines is actually a real biggie. Opens up for very interesting setups. Sadly it is not possible for me to implement in pre R12 other than deeper C++ programming and I'm just a COFFEE/Python junkie….. Cheers Lennart
  17. SteadyCAMPROv3.1 Uppsala Sweden tcastudios.com 2010-11-23 I'm happy to announce the SteadyCAMPROv3.1 Update for R12. Note, Cinema R12.028+ is needed, do update your App and Net. Current R12 users are sent the update, check your email. Contact me if missing email within a couple of days, by responding to any of the SteadyCAMPRO emails sent from me. Cheers Lennart The v3.1 README v3.1 First official R12 version. CINEMA R12.028+ needed. Make sure to update from Maxon! (Incl NET Server and Client) SCv31 (SteadyCAM) - Full support for all native splines, incl. MoSpline, Hair, Tracer, Vectorizer. - Segment selection of multi segment splines. - Main T and R Trim included in Orbit. - Additional Rig trims from T and R Trims. - LockFrame includes a "Re Rotation". Minimizes rotation for repeatable rotation. - Some cleaning up of controllers (UserData). "T-Soft Pan" and "R-Soft Move" moved from Dynamics Tag to Navigate Tag. - "SUPERLINK" re named to "MOVE". MOVE "SPLIT" is now default. Mix from the MODEs to Vector Navigate sorted. - "RigScale" function, sets size of Guides (Old scenes use old interface). SteadyGLIDEv31 - Additional 8 CAM/Object sources for a total of 16. - Added simple Point Morph option. - LockFrame includes a "Re Rotation". - Some cleaning up of controllers (UserData). (Old scenes use old interface with 8 CAM sources). SteadyBANKv31 - Full support for all native splines, incl. MoSpline, Hair, Tracer, Vectorizer. - Segment selection of multi segment splines. - LockFrame includes a "Re Rotation". SteadyGOALv31 - Added PointSelection option as Source. - Added Spline object option as Source - Trim options added - MAIN DAMP option added. - Some cleaning up of controllers (UserData). (Old scenes use old interface). SteadyTARGETv31 - Added PointSelection option as Target. - Added Spline object option as Target - Some cleaning up of controllers (UserData). (Old scenes use old interface). SteadyLOADv31 - SteadyObject will be placed below a selected object in OM.
  18. In Client window, File -> Network Settings check "Adapt thread priority" and the Client should back off when needed. Cheers Lennart
  19. I checked R9.6, the oldest install I have, and there is no animation dot there. So I'm not sure there ever was any. Even if you use an Userdata to drive it it would most likely not do what you want as the standard Emitter is calculated at the Start Emission frame. If you change any "non dot" parameter the Emitter re calculates in an unpredictable manner as far as I can see. Cheers Lennart
  20. SteadyCHAN updated for Cinema R12 Import / Export of chan and txt files tcastudios -> xfiles Cheers Lennart Wåhln - tcastudios
  21. In the Multi-Pass turn on "Shadow Correction". Why?, Dunno.... Also Area Shadow needs to have a Area Light type to work more correct. Mixing a regular Omni with area shadow gives erratic results. Cheers Lennart
  22. A first SteadyCAMPROv3 R12 version is just about to be out. To be able to it send to You as soon as it is ready and make You Your R12 License, please respond to the original email from me with: -1: Your R10 or R11 Serials or Your earlier SteadyCAMROv3 license number (in the email from me) -2: Your new permanent Cinema4D R12 serials. Only the first 11 (eleven) digits. It should look like: 1420xxxxxxx NOTE, please do not email any temporal serials. (I will ask for your permanent serials anyway ) You'll find Your R12 Serial (the 11 digits) under the menu "Help" -> "Personalize" . You'll get Your permanent serials very quick via "Help" -> "Register Online" or by calling Your Maxon rep. Due to current changes in the API for Cinema4D R12 , do read the included "R12_DO_README.txt" that comes with the files sent later as well as take a look at the "SteadyCAMPRO R12 QuickInfo" movie at: www.tcastudios.com -> SteadyCAMPRO Cheers Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios PS. I've emailed all R11 users but there are many bouncing addresses.
  23. You're right, I saw that whole video now and indeed it is very similar as the cloner object moves in that video as well, so I'm the copycat here.... Cheers Lennart
  24. AFAICT, it works different as you only need to encapsule your object with clones and not the entire area where it might move. [No Lennart, read you next post will you?] Now if you object doesn't move, then the net result will of coarse be very similar of you clone count need to be -very- large. For my own reasons I used scale (-1) to hide the clones but you can get even more speed/response by using Visibility Hide instead on the effector. Turn the scale option off, check Visibility and lower the Max value to 0. Cheers Lennart
  25. No need to bog down the scene with gazillions of clones in a volume effector Instead cover the object with a Cloner Array and move the Cloner incremental to "pixel size" and you have real time playback in editor and can move "anywhere" in the scene. Let me introduce PIXEL.Inc[remental] EditorRender Lookie 6mb QT R12 Scene Using Dynamics R11+ Basic Setup Cheers Lennart
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