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  1. kinda felt some of the live action footage coulda been taken out...
  2. lynda.com is decent, as is cineversity...but i haven't seen cineversity since the re design recently...
  3. what motivates you to get more personal work done? just for the reel, or a new idea etc?
  4. i love my ultimate ears triple fi 10s. they are great for noise cancelling, but may not work well in a work enviornment if collaboration is necessary.....otherwise i also love my westone um3x, which aren't as good for noise cancelling, but the sound stage is incredible and more like listening in more of a music studio room enviornment
  5. yea you do have print experience right? nice work for a first reel
  6. laughingcolors


    laughingcolors of course
  7. i have a tascam 1691, usb audio interface. how can i record simple video (ie from photobooth etc) with my audio source from the USB interface?
  8. I just got the tascam 1641 on amazon. its more pricey -at 300- but it works well with my macbook pro and i've been using to record music...
  9. good tip on sound note- i'll try that. three of my last meetings i wasn't asked to show my reel....
  10. just curious , do any of you use your ipad to show off your portfolio? I set mine up to do it, but the one meeting i brought it for, i wasn't asked for my portfolio debating about bringing it to my next meeting- would you ? why or why not
  11. can anyone recommend a good one, hopefully not too expensive? thanks
  12. i dug this spot....not to mention you can't go wrong with $3 drafts
  13. trying to get motivated.....
  14. laughingcolors


    two favorite bars: the rail, and bar bar both in city market. also johnnies pizza ( if i remember that name being right) on the edge of city market by the rail had good pizza. check out the back side of tybee island ; much quieter beach if you're headed out that way. elizabeths on 37th was a bit pricey for food but if you're lookin for a fancy dinner.... its been since '04 so my memory ain't too great and lady and sons too for food
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