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  1. I'm not sure if a $1000 budget qualifies you as a client.
  2. I'm almost 50/50 cross platform. Since switching my days are filled with dread.
  3. parallax

    GTX 1080

    Any top brand VR solution needs at least a 970. Since he's talking about a 1080 or cheap 980's, you either 1) lack reading comprehension 2) are, yet again, throwing a hissy fit
  4. CC 2015 ist kaput. https://youtu.be/L0sEzNQtzaE?t=1m47s
  5. Skrillllsssssssssssssss
  6. You would be ill-advised buying a E5 2699 V3. That's a slow-ass CPU for a lot of money. I'm not sure why you would recommend that. Not to sound like an asshole but that almost makes you seem like you actually don't own it and/or know what you're talking about. The same goes for the i7 comment: for all intents and purposes i7's are mostly identical to Xeon's. As for the rest of the build: -medium number of local cores (6-8) -overclock without worries -offload your renders to nodes -SSD's make your life better -SSD's make your life better -SSD's make your life better -don't get carried away buying the most expensive GPU €1500 should buy you the system. Extra nodes should not cost you more than €700 a piece. 1 E5 2699 V3 should buy you 6 rendernodes.
  7. Sup assholes. Talking about overpriced, Boxxtech 6-core config 500GB SSD: $5107 BYO: $1.965,84 That's right. You can buy 2,5 times the hardware. I'd say there's only one 'manufacturer' deserving the 'overpriced' moniker.
  8. My point is not that you should work more but than the problem is an order of magnitude bigger so the solution might be hidden somewhere (sorry wasn't clear about that) if you're not able to scrap together $50 by working more.
  9. You can deduct that probably. That's a few $$ already. There must be some dollars you can squeeze out somewhere. If $50 is a problem you might have a bigger problem altogether. You can earn that doing 4 hours on a different random job.
  10. How much is your cable/satellite bill if you have any?
  11. That's demonstrably untrue. Only PCI SSD's off OCZ are close to 70% of that 1000MB/S performance. Vanilla SATA SSD's cap out because of the limits imposed on the standard. You'll get 500-ish (which is fast enough don't get me wrong) but the "you can get the same or better high-end config for cheaper" has also been discussed to death. And is again demonstrably untrue. Experience on the new Mac Pro so far: Mavericks sucks.
  12. I would use RealFlow and play around with the viscosity settings.
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