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  1. Never mind. It was a checkbox in System Preferences > Keyboard (Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys). I'm sure I've clicked this a hundred times and just forgot this time around. I don't mind feeling like an amateur...as long as everything is working.
  2. Bump. Is anyone successfully running AE 10.5 (CS5.5) on a Mac (Lion installed) with the ability to use the default F key shortcuts for AE? They've worked for the 11 or so years I've been using AE. Suddenly (after updating to Lion) F4 won't toggle between Switches and Modes, F9 won't Easy Ease, etc. Anyone? Please?
  3. I've been trying to migrate to Lion and everything seems OK for the most part. I like it on my home computer, but there's some strange stuff going on that keeps me from being excited to use it for work. Although I've never had a problem with this, I can't figure out how to get AE to override the system F-Keys. I have "Use System Shortcut Keys" unchecked in General Preferences. I've tried a bunch of stuff in Keyboard Preferences within System Preferences but I can't seem to get anything to work. F4 takes me to Dashboard, rather than toggling between Switches and Modes. F9 advances iTunes to the next track, rather than Easy Easing my keyframes. Stuff like that. Anyone Else had this problem? Is there a simple fix? Also, I've noticed some blending mode oddness. Specifically with Multiply. If you're running CS5.5 on Lion, drop an image over another image in an AE timeline. Change the top layer's blending mode to Multiply. Add a Levels effect to that same top layer and start blowing out the whites. The only thing that should happen is that your Multiplied grays/midtones should disappear. On my machine, it starts to brighten the underlying image too...kind of like the Add blending mode. This should absolutely not happen and I can't figure out why it is. So, if any of this sounds familiar and you know what's up, please let me know. I'm about to simply go back to Snow Leopard...but I know I can't stay there forever. So I need to figure this stuff out. Thanks!
  4. I probably owed you a beer already...but I DEFINITELY owe you one now! Worked perfectly. Thanks!
  5. Hi Does anyone know how to delay the effects of this expression by a user defined number of seconds or frames? By default, it starts at the first frame of the comp. Sliding or splitting the layer doesn't help. Thanks! - - - - - - - Object bouncing on a floor This will make your layer/object bounce along an imaginary 'floor'. Paste it into the 'position' attribute for your layer. Vy0 = 500; //initial y velocity (pixels/second) Vx0 = 100; // initial x velocity (pixels/second) g = 2500; // gravity (pixels/second/second) floor = 400; e = .85; //elasticity b = floor - position[1]; h = b + Vy0*Vy0/(2*g); T = Vy0/g + Math.sqrt(2*h/g); if (time < T){ y = Vy0*time - g*time*time/2 + b; }else{ Vy = -(Vy0 - g*T); while (true){ Vy *= e; t = T; T += 2*Vy/g; if (time < T){ t = time - t; y = Vy*t - g*t*t/2; break; }else if (T - t < thisComp.frameDuration){ y = 0; break; } } } [position[0] + Vx0*time, floor - y]
  6. OK...now I remember. It was called SyncVue. If you go to http://www.syncvue.com, you'll get redirected to http://www.fuzemovie.com. That must be what became of it. Looks like what you're looking for. This one is subscription based too...and can get expensive.
  7. There used to be a Mac app that let you do exactly that. I don't remember what it was called but development stopped and the app was abandoned. I just found this though...it's subscription based and can get kind of pricey: http://www.cinesync.com/about
  8. Words to live by! Seriously. I think that's dead on. A lot of it is what I tell myself I need to be doing but don't always have time to do. Luckily the reason is that I'm always working. I'm 40 and have been freelancing for 3 years (maybe 4?) and worked at a post house for 7 years before that...and TV stations before that. There are PLENTY of guys that can design and animate circles around me. But like zook said, integrity, honesty and humility are equally important to being successful. Being easy to work with goes a LONG way. Be the guy that your clients WANT to work with...and not just because of the quality of your work. As far as a career goes, it's all about mindset and what you want to get out of it. Success doesn't just mean working at the big studios. I think it means loving what you do, pushing yourself whenever you can, treating your clients well and somehow managing to make enough money to be relatively comfortable. I think the last one is the easiest. As far as longevity goes, there are other options as you grow in the industry. Starting your own shop, directing etc. I do think about what my future holds but things are solid now. Very solid. I have 2 kids a wife that doesn't have to work (although she works twice as hard as I do being a great mom). If I can manage it, I will always work for myself and never be an employee again. Good luck!
  9. swaino

    Laid off

    Hey Dave Sorry to hear that you got laid off! I've been a fan of your work for a while and have meant to reach out and say "what's up". I freelance right down the road in Richmond. I actually used to work for the same company as Adam (he worked in the D.C. office and I worked in Richmond) and I kinda know Bob from his Henninger Richmond days. We should talk. I get overbooked sometimes and it's always great to have some rock solid talent to bail me out! I'll message you my email address. Hit me up if you wanna chat! Good luck! Dave
  10. This might be a good option. OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Mini I bought one but haven't put it through the paces yet, so I can't recommend it based on experience. But it's bus powered, available in 7200 RPM and has USB/FW400 & 800. It's well-built but still pretty light. Hope that helps!
  11. This lists the added Pro features http://www.revisionfx.com/products/rsmb/features/#ae_compatible_2
  12. Hey Ryan This isn't exactly (by any stretch) what you're looking for, but I started a topic a while back about working fast. It's more logistic process than creative process, but you might find something useful in there. http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=6728 And seriously dude...we need to grab that beer. Next week...might have to be a liquid lunch though.
  13. I think it was the Vimeo link, the TypeInspire site is a nice find too. Thanks guys!
  14. Hey I remember seeing a recent post about a site that has tons of type animation samples. I only skimmed it, but it seemed pretty comprehensive at first glance. I didn't bookmark it and can't even remember where I saw the original link. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Sorry I can't be more specific! Thanks!
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