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  1. Hello Long time I haven't be here, looks like it turned into a C4d board... I can't remember the name of a short british animated movie I saw on vimeo a few years ago. Two maybe? It was the surreal story of a guy who was going to work, A voice talking over the movie the whole time. I think the guy kept saying a few time "it was (time spelled here can't remember) am" The story was kind going into a loop. This may have been produced by or with a help from the British film board. Any idea what I'm talking about? Thank you.
  2. I can't remember if it was for a design conference but it was quite long. It was made like a few years ago. It was full 3D and it showed some minerals building itself. Like bubbles popping on top of each other and the camera was following and going up. Any idea? thank you.
  3. http://getormr.com/features/
  4. And concerning the stolen passwords it's probably more around 150 millions not 2,9 millions like Adobe previously said: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/11/04/anatomy-of-a-password-disaster-adobes-giant-sized-cryptographic-blunder/ And if you haven't yet : https://www.adobe.com/go/passwordreset
  5. Here's another thing to try : maybe not using CC at all ?
  6. It took me a while to figure out the reconstructme console version was something different : http://reconstructme.net/releases/
  7. I was trying to apply some kind of non photorealistic filter on moving images, On 2D it works ok but i wanted to try to have some normals, depth information so the texture could follow the surface a bit more. Still in screen space but bend a bit, maybe with some contour, shape lines (with a shader in nuke?) Just experimenting. I guess to avoid the dead spot you'll need two or three kinect, a point cloud and a video projection on it based on a good camera. Not a very portable solution...
  8. Did you use the depth map? I found its quite unusable when objects cast shadows seen by one of the camera. There's a tear in the map then. Brekel can output also a world position pass for nuke which could be nice if these problems weren't there. Which app did you find reliable and precise for 3D scanning ? reconstructme seemed to have nice features and the example showed in this video look ok, but the tests with the app were disappointing. http://www.openni.org/files/reconstructme-sdk/ So far skanect looks fine I didn't try other apps (artec etc) because of their complicated licensing schemes.
  9. http://ipisoft.com/ Doesn't want to export the depth map/
  10. Found this : Free http://rgbdtoolkit.com/tutorials.html you can calibrate a dlsr to work with it. Supposedly allow to get an 8bit .png depth sequence which encoding seems strange. Other options : 99$ http://www.brekel.com/brekel-kinect-pro-pointcloud/download-trial-buy/ 640x480 .exr sequence according to the test files Haven't really tested those options
  11. Do you guys if it's possible to record the depth map from the kinect together with the rgb channels into disk for later usage ? Preferably in float. And video not just images. Thanks.
  12. 4x600w + 130w cpu + 100 w for the rest = a nuclear power plant.
  13. Hello, I was curious about people using pcs with multiple GPUs, what kind of power supply do they have? I saw a video where they ran 4 titans with a 1600W PSU ... Is 1200w will be ok? thanks.
  14. Cloud rendering will available in the us only, at the beginning.
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