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  1. hey, I've done some rapid prototyping with Ae. The company I've worked with told me to do animations at 60fps. It helps with scrolling parallax. And I believe ios and androids playback at a variable speed up to 60fps too. For curves I used http://easings.net/ and if you really want to be slick you can export your Ae curves with this into javascript. http://cyclops.weareinstrument.com/ hope this helps. And if you can tell me bout your experience so far with mobile design and UX stuff and Ae I def. want to expand into this field also and have no idea yet how to find and get into more mobile companies that need motion designers. best, -coin
  2. -Thanks Mylenium, I actually ended-up using this method and it works great as you mentioned. Its alot easier to navigate/manage and light and render the scene now and the file size is significantly better. -coin
  3. never-mind I figured it out. I cached the derformer then ran a point cache. only drawback is the file size is huge. -coin
  4. Hi, I'm working on a heavy scene in C4D with collisions deformer to bring multiple faces/heads threw a surface. I want to ask is it better to with one collision deformer or multiple ones for each face/head. Or if I collapse all my surfaces to one object and then use one or multiple deformers. Any insight or suggestions I'm open. I really want to figure out how to make the scene somewhat lighter on calculating? thanks in advance. -coin
  5. Thank-you Destro that was it. It somehow got swapped to another layer.Must of done it during a frantic posting. -coin
  6. Hi, I'm working on a project with the motion cam in R15 and the motion cam tag is gone out of sight. Its still has the animation on it just no way to access it now. does any body have a solution? Is this a know bug? I really don't want to loose all my camera animation. -Coin
  7. You don't have to use a piano keys if don't want to you could use pads like on a drum machine. But I would suggest a controller with both actually. yeah abelton is great for fast creations look into proplellheads reason also that app has one my fav GUIs and I love to press tab and have the back wires flip around. for packs I have to come back I have a list somewhere. but this on is for native instruments reaktor http://twistedtools.com/ it's like a kit for EDM type stuff they have some great sci-fi sound sets.
  8. I use to be a sound engineer before I crossed over into motion. Tools wise, ProTools,Logic even Nuendo are great DAW digital audio workstations. for recording audio tracks ProTools is great for editing slicing audio and syncing. Logic is more for syncing midi but has full featured tools as well. Nuendo is post production like foley/ADR. for sound creation goods Mics and Preamps help out a lot, and invest some time and learn a Sampler nearly all are software now, Native Instruments puts out Kontact which is great. Sound Design is a lot like motion a ton of different programs and devices to skin a cat different ways, But back to sound creation I'd also suggest just playing with synths,samplers and some stock sounds like drums lasers lion roars and layering the crap out of recorded and generated sounds in what ever app. For creative sound I loved using Reason cause you can route the signal in crazy ways and stack effects. Reakto/rAbleton is great too along with many plugins. I also play with hardware drum machines, syths, samplers and abuse them mis use them like loading different sounds other than drums in the drum machine and resampling the syths into the sampler or just recording anything into a sampler really.-and I've had a ton of fun using paul's extreme stretch app can take a song and slow it down like a thousand percent. -Coin
  9. Hey hope this helps. http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=22757 -coin
  10. Hey, This is a shot in the dark and a ghetto fix but since it works in RAM preview could you save out your RAM preview in full res under the composition menu? And stich it back in. The only other thing I can think of, it might be a QT pro playback issue, I can't recall the exact setting but I had a similar issue with tearing and ripping and it ending being a setting in QT pro with the way it was playing back the file. Hope this helps somehow good luck man, -coin
  11. Hi I tried to google this but found answers only worship motion templates. I trying to figure out how to loop the shimmer effect in Optical Flares. are their any options I'm over looking? I've tried to animate the evolution from 0-359 degress but it doesn't sync up correct. I went to the VC forums and no response from an earlier post someone else asked also. If anyone has has the lowdown great appreciated in advance thanks. -Coin
  12. Hey, don't know of any tutorials but I think your interested in using Xrefs in c4d. Does exactly what your looking for. -coin
  13. If its rendering black where the background should be you may want to check your ray-depth settings in options it maybe at a low number and thats causing your prob. upping it may help out. hope that helps in someway. -coin
  14. Yea. I just tried it again. name then object buffer ehh, better than just the object buffer ## though -Coin
  15. I believe if you double click on the object buffer or any pass in the MultiPass you can rename it there. Been there for awhile now unless they took it out. -Coin
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