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  1. I got this off of a lifehacker article: http://lifehacker.com/seer-brings-mac-like-preview-views-to-windows-1768620170 It works! So far the quickpreview is working with : QT (yes!!), Jpegs, PSDs + AIs (some),
  2. GSG also just did a Octane vs Arnold vs Physical render engines comparison
  3. Hey All, This post was inspired by Voz's technical rigging post from the other day. I'm looking into learning how to rig up a car, but I'm not really a code/Expresso guy. How do you guys go about rigging up a car? I'm exploring 3 different plugins: 1) Drive 1.7 2) Motor, Advanced Car Rig 3) Easy Car Rig v2.0 I'm leaning towards Motor (reasonable $20) and I cannot find a working download link for Easy-Car-Rig 2.0 Also, when we get the models for the cars, they tend to be exported out of autocad, very heavy very detailed models. I assume this is the case for most of us. Do you use these same models or do you just model a new version (assuming you are an awesome modeler) or hire someone to make a more low poly? Or just grin and bear it and deal w the heavy models? Any thoughts??
  4. Thanks for the replies. So what I feared, the cards are just shite for Octane. We didnt buy these cards specifically for Octane, they were just sitting in a rarely used machine, and I was hoping to get a boost by switching out my solo card for two of these super pricey cards, but it seems to be almost exactly the same performance. Okay I guess I will see ifthey will spring for a 980ti.
  5. Hi, For primarily Octane rendering, I just installed two Nvidia Quadro k5000 gfx cards into our Mac Pro (Early 2009). The performance seems really really slugish for two high-end cards and seems to be on par with the one card GTX580 that I just removed. Is this normal?? The render times seem like 5x as long for a single frame vs my PC at home with very inexpensive average dual GTX660s (2 gigs mem each). We are on Yosemite I have CUDA Driver Version: 7.5.20 NVIDIA Web Driver: 346.02.03f01 (Up to date) Anyone have any ideas, or is this just what you get with dual K5000s?? I guess my main question is, if anyone has a similar setup, is my machine just too old to handle TWO K5000 Quadros??
  6. Also, for multiple desktops (spaces), Dexpot is free and has been pretty reliable and is very customizable. http://dexpot.de
  7. What are people rendering to? The interface on Quicktime pro on windows is just fucking awful along w the deliberate omission of prores codecs. Is anyone rendering to avi?? With what codec? Can you get an alpha with it?
  8. Thanks AK, I was thinking of just doing that, being the new gen of cards is apparently not any better for Octane. Good to know about the +12% w the Titan.
  9. I'm curious what gfx cards are most of you running on mac & pc?? There's been a big thread on the octane forums about how the newest nvidia cards are not performing any better than the previous generation. I have an aging mac pro w a solitary GTX680 and a Windows 8 rig w an EVGA GeForce GTX760. I would like to ideally add one more card to both machines any recommendations that are not $1200 titan cards?
  10. Apparently there is a (new?) way to render to pro res on the PC side: http://lesterbanks.com/2014/10/render-ffmpeg-directly-effects-aempeg/ There is also these codecs that you can buy for PC that give you all the flavors of pro res: http://www.miraizon.com/products/codecsoverview.html
  11. Thanks for the help all, I'm still working with the demo, but the near-real time preview is sooooo nice. I just need to get used to using the new materials, lights, cams, etc.
  12. I wouldnt worry about it too much. Use stock and alter models into what you need. You'll learn modelling techniques as you need to.
  13. Heyyoo, I've been dipping my toe in to the Octane waters of late and I have been really impressed. I have a question on whether or not I am setting up my graphics cards correctly or not. I have two gfx cards in my pc, one is a crappy old gforce210 and one is a new mid-range GTX760, which I wanted/needed to use for rendering Octane previews. I have my good card, the 760, in my primary PCIX Slot, the older card in one of the secondary slots, but I have both of my monitors connected to the crappier card so that the GTX760 is dedicated to Octane. Does this seem correct?? It seems to be working, but i wanted to see if I could improve anything.
  14. Mograph(dot)Vets, we all got the 1000 yard stare
  15. I think Adobe said it will be available 8pm Pacific time, so Midnight officially on the East Coast.
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