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  1. Scenefile? Movie? Screenshot? Help the world help you... or be prepared for disappointment. -m
  2. A couple of things... your net mesh does not represent the proper shape of a basketball net. While this is not your primary problem... the shapes of things have a pretty heavy impact on motion and it's better to fix that prior to solving dynamics. It's not terribly easy to troubleshoot a screenshot of the object manager without seeing the attributes of each tag, but my guess is that your first setup is *more correct*... with the exception of sub-sampling (found in the expert tab of the cloth tag). If you find your cloth stretching too much or you're working with fast animation you will want to to bump that value up to improve the accuracy of the collisions. But then of course, there's my real answer, which is that I would do this with a softbody instead of cloth. Softbodies can sometimes be a better, more stable solution for cloth sims that have a relatively low poly count like this. Examples included. -m Net_c01.c4d p.s. Should probably also mention... you may notice my basketballs pass through the net in my examples. That's because I was taking a bit of a workflow shortcut by putting the mesh in an atom array generator. If you turn the generator off you'll see the collisions work properly. You can then cache the dynamics tags and then turn the atom array back on.
  3. Oooo, Secrets! How fun. I did not notice the hidden logo. Even upon second viewing... I'm not sure I can with certainty say I saw the hidden logo. Maybe hidden a little too well? Perhaps so we wouldn't be sued? -m
  4. Really nice piece, Chris. Like your choices with the diffuse UI. The piece flows really nicely, but story-wise I got a little lost following the chemistry section. Everything you show before that is so specific and relies on combining what you're watching with prior knowledge of social media (pills, labels, icons, etc). When we get to the chemistry section it sorta seems "vaguely scientific". It's very nicely executed, but I couldn't tell how it related to the pills. Minor criticisms might include how dark the pill bottles appear: 1) especially when there are pills inside 2) especially in such a bright environment. It comes off as dirty in an otherwise super clean environment. The whole piece is also a smidge too glossy for my tastes, but meh... that would matter more if it didn't have a message. But as reference, I prefer the spec/gloss of your opening scene over the scene that follows. Also... loved "autoplay on". -m
  5. 1) Can't seem to send you any private messages Marc. I was unable to *send* any because my messenger was 300% over quota. Deleted everything and could send, but got an error message when I tried to msg you directly. 2) Also... the thing I was messaging you about.
  6. For whatever it's worth I relinked all my old online media to display correctly on mograph.net. I figure since Marc and Zack put forth the effort it's an appropriate time to do the same. While most of it is drivel, it's still better than a bunch of broken link icons... and then there's the occasional gold nugget from Bill Hicks that's forever timeless. -m
  7. Aw man, this blows. Ditto what Chris said. Harry has been one of the most helpful and generous members of this community... and all with that killer Harry Frank smile. Please give what you can. Keep smilin' Best of luck Harry. -m
  8. No. The script was PlaneSmart by Rick Barrett. He decided to release it through Cineversity, not me. I made a tutorial about how to use it to texture hundreds of magazine pages as a favor to him for letting me use it for so many years. What PlaneSmart didn't do (and what I've seen no plugin do well) is handle the actual page turns, stopping in the middle of flips, or address issues that arise in the binding. -m
  9. *slow clap* spoken like a man with couple decades/drinks deep. not much to add. -m
  10. Oh sweet christ. I may have to come out of my cave just to clean up loose ends on that old GSG tutorial. *This* tutorial is a fucking travesty. -m
  11. I have never been forced to pay unemployment taxes in NYC. You are forced to pay for your own Disability Insurance (Workman's Comp) which ranges from $10->$25/mo. You're also forced to pay for both halves of your social security (usually the employer pays half and the employee pays half). You're heavily taxed by the State for the privilege of working in NYC. You're also heavily taxed for being self-employed. I've been paid in 1099's for nearly a decade now. Nobody has forced me into this situation and I don't feel exploited in the least. I'm responsible for my own health, retirement, and employment and if I can't get work that's part of the risk of being a freelancer. Personally I feel safer than the status quo that shows their loyalty to a mega-company for 19 years and then gets let go right before receiving their retirement benefits. I've met a few freelancers that have said they collect unemployment between gigs. Personally, I think it's a real asshole thing to do. Back in 2001, I dated this hairstylist from LA that was the lead hair and make-up for 3 consecutive blockbuster HBO series and she said she did it religiously. She used the same argument..."it's my money". She said it was the first thing she did after she wrapped a gig. She'd march down and sign up for unemployment. Then she would just go to the beach and chill until it ran out. When it ran out she would start looking for work again. Real fucking classy. The simple reduction: - Freelancers shouldn't take unemployment. - If you want to collect unemployment, be an employee on paper. -m
  12. I assume you are equally enraged by 2x4's? If you're going for flare on top of knowledge... I suggest you use the phrase Nominal Units the next time you're trying to pick up some chick at a party. -m
  13. Add one more C4D veteran that just got schooled by somebody with 5 MoGraph posts. Alright Sen... introduce yourself. -m
  14. Same as above... especially what Lennart said. The media server guys are the only dudes with the answers. They all have their own methods of encoding and up-resing (apparently MPEG2 isn't dead yet). Deliverables for the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque ranged from 10-20k px wide and that fucker was huge. You'd be luck as shit to render a quality frame at 48000x7600 in 33 minutes. -m
  15. This guy keeps calling this "Superflow" but the mathematical behavior is pretty basic stuff based on Fermat's Spiral. David Wickenden actually developed a plugin a while back to do this stuff in C4D with python, but I'm not sure if he ever publicly released it. Regarding your Axis issue.... if you want a bunch of boxes in a line to all have the axis of the origin, the quickest way that I know of is to collapse them all into a single object and then explode them all in to separate objects. Perhaps not the "proper" way... but you can get the result you want with 2 commands. -m
  16. My basics have worked all day without any trouble (AE CS5 / C4D R13 / QT7 / Compressor). -m
  17. Please no wonky hacks, unless absolutely necessary. It's shifting the Bounding Box of the Spline Wrap over the course of your animation. Enable "Fix Bounding Box" (located at the bottom in the Spline Attributes of the Spline Wrap) Happy 2000th post. -m
  18. I hope this will make you feel better. I was saving it for a special occasion. -m
  19. It's a little game I like to play called: "Military or Advertising?" Every time I see something genuinely awesome I wonder who's going to take a technological innovation to it's darkest potential. -m
  20. Assuming you're even talking about C4D... R12 Structure -> Edit Spline -> Project R13 Mesh -> Spline -> Project -m
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