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  1. http://articles.latimes.com/2013/jun/11/local/la-me-stolen-dog-statue-20130612
  2. "DRAW DRAW DRAW, practice every day" now that's a fucking motto to live by
  3. that sounds way too logical
  4. the new wacky thing is actual shiny metal balls
  5. why did they take it down? did the replace it with a big red justin harder link instead?
  6. is this the same one you posted on the egoist? is so, top notch work bro, welcome to the neighborhood
  7. i think the "type" as an illustration element seems to be the main culprit in the degradation of type as informational component . It may just be a reaction to the recent resurgence of swiss type and the "giant helvetica lettering" design solution as evidence in the comcast branding.
  8. i totally worked for this person before...
  9. I personally endorse this fine mix of "hotlanta" style hiphop and nasty dubstep thugstep
  10. great execution, I have been thinking about this same process, how to push mograph into the canvas space, your experiments are a great push forward,thank you
  11. I saw this cool robot arm motin control in the making of "neomorphus" http://vimeo.com/22608278 and wondered if anybody had seen something similar or had any more info on this.
  12. yeeeah Mike, that shit is tight as usual.Are you going to put out a sketchbook reel as well? the last one you made still has fresh and interesting concepts six years out.
  13. whats up with the teapot? I don't know how many of you have seen this channel on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/VintageCG you think your demo reel is too long? look at the Robert Abel reel from 1981
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