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  1. nice advice guys, I really appreciate it. Looks like I won't be able to write off much. Bummer.
  2. Sup peeps, So I was freelance the last couple of years, but I just finished up my first year as a full time employee. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of doing taxes in both scenarios, specifically with what exactly you were able to write off. Apparently, as a full time employee you can only write off unreimbursed employee expenses that exceed 2% of your income. So what counts as an expense? I know when I was freelance I wrote off everything... my cable bill, the tv I bought, my new computer, my stash subscription. Is that all no more? Thanks for your help. Ted
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    personally, I'm not feelin this. I think my 12 year old cousin could do a better job. Nice try though. :H :glare: :excl: :closedeyes: :blush: (he knows I'm kidding)
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    my avatar is back, thanks rothermel!
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    haha, yah! That's me!!! Man, that was a rough match... that's still one of my favs to this day. Thanks Rusty. self90, what avatar did I have, I don't even remember! Govinda, I've been able to avoid the raged motorists here for the most part. I almost got in a fight with a dude in his car last spring... that was kinda scary. And I crashed a couple months ago. Nothing major. Cycling in LA is NOT for the faint of heart.
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    Remember me? I'm still heerrre
  7. I can attest to that. I live about 2.5 miles from work and I ride in. It's nice. I used to commute from santa monica to culver city by bike. It's about 10 miles, but the 5 mile stretch along the beach each morning was fantastic. Where ever you decide to live just make sure it's close to where you work.
  8. think about what you could have accomplished in that 32 minutes (not counting the time for setup) of your life you wasted.
  9. Tread

    new iMac

    I had betas, and I was installed and done in about 1/2 an hour... The imac is anything but ugly. It's by far the most well designed home computer for the average user, black border or not. U guys r stoooopid. Mac haters.
  10. Learn how to use the 3 independent position curves rather than one... you will be happier in the end. It's far superior. I wish AE would switch to that. All those curves do is show the actual position against time whereas the curves in AE show the positions velocity against time. With the C4d curves you can actually change the position and the velocity with the curve. It's much more intuitive.
  11. ahh, right on. thanks guys
  12. It's what I have in my macpro... I noticed in AE CS3 all the open GL stuff isn't available. Does my card not support it? I get some hang ups when I scrub, and hesitations when I RAM preview. Insight? Thanks
  13. Tread

    Los Angeles Meetup

    yay for alex! I'd like to say I could make it, but there's no tellin if I would be able to. Maybe though...
  14. what are you trying to accomplish? I've never used lights as masks... sounds like there would be an easier way to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to do. More details...
  15. then you probably met me. I was there. We were ALL there. :-D Did we meet? life's good, lots of exciting things happenin round these parts... I imagine we'll be doing a nice update in the fall sometime including an internal spot which should be interesting. I hope.
  16. *enters wearing fake moustache and glasses* Yeah, that Tread guy... quite the legend!!! *leaves*
  17. haha, dug this one up from the grave, eh?
  18. I'll run it by Ellerey, but I'm not thinkin it will fly...
  19. Glad to have you Aaron, welcome to the team! Say goodbye to your wife and kid, cuz you won't be seeing them much anymore. Ha, just kidding... well, kinda. Fred... *sigh* nevermind. No one cares.
  20. my brain is gonna explode... actually that's really fascinating.
  21. I gotta say, I'm pretty envious of Motion 3's paint effects. The 3d also looks really nice to work with compared to AE.
  22. so you've got that number, u know, 0-9, that you put on your federal tax withholding form. I never know what to put. I have 2 on it now, but I'm being asked if I want to drop it because I run the risk of having to pay more taxes? What? They already rip me of about 35% already.... Any thoughts on the advantages or disadvantages of a higher or lower number besides the obvious, well, you'll get a bigger return if you have more withheld... duh. Taxes suck. And to think most of it gets spent on that idiot we call a president and his stupid ideas.
  23. cefalu, in sicily, is a great little place to stop for a day. Absolutely amazing little town. You can hike up a mountain the town sits at the base of, and there are ruins from an ancient fort you can check out. One of my favorite places. And go to greece if you can. Totally hot women, jovial people, and amazing food.
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