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  1. Only Vimeo plus users get the benefit of embedding videos in HD. 1) You guys are doing vimeo a great promotion, perhaps too much? Give people an option to link their own Quicktime if they want to. 2) How about letting users who registered the option of actually deleting themselves?
  2. You just made me think about getting one too! its infectious!!! argh!!!
  3. Indexhibit is really straight forward, easy to handle although it lacks the "thumbnail" gallery that Cargo has, making it more appealing to browse through, Cargo on the other hand has the "thumbnail" gallery but its sitting on a remote server, for instance if their server falls your website goes with it too, no back end controls (css, html etc) if they decide to raise their prices - you will have to pay (happend a few months ago) its still very useful and it looks great. CoreCMS is also a nice option its almost a mixture of Indexhibit and Cargo, it has the visual thumbnail gallery yet it gives you the back-end controls over your website, the css, etc, something cargo doesn't do yet its a bit more complicated than both Cargo and Indexhibit. Regarding the rest, never tried squarespace or wordpress...
  4. Oh , another thing really easy getting used to on a MAC is that you'll forget the world of Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Annoying "Click Cancel to install this trojan.exe file" Messages and so on. And ye , parallax, calling someone's opinion bullshit is your style? Thought you had more in ya.
  5. a PC enviroment without some graphic cards/ram/motherboards/hd's around is fictional, if you're using a PC, soon, sooner, or soonest you're gonna end up replacing one these thingies inside your puter, thats how it goes. MAC based enviroments are tidy, most MAC users don't need to worry about these things. the CONS are that if you want to play some video games, you might aswell go for a PC
  6. that's the irony of it all, eventually these "large corporations" end up going to the small shops to create the packaging and the creative stuff for them, the guys who agreed on getting the background check and the drug test are the ones usually ending up with the "extra creative labour" of template revisions and fine tunin..
  7. Or the fact that they specifically require Maya on the Mac platform... can already imagine them turning down a maya genius only cause he's used to working on its Windows version :-)
  8. you're one of the best i've seen. good illustrations and great 3d, great job!
  9. 1) yes, when you track a footage you would normally get in your 3d package a Camera track (which means you can constrain any object to your camera therefore move along with your hand or whatever) and you'll get a few nulls marking the objects within the scene 2) yes, pfhoe is great.
  10. yoni bendor


    wow. thanks for all the info yeah the GUI's and the 3D tracking came out amazing as well as other parts of the movie, what a masterpiece to work on - thumbs up!
  11. yoni bendor


    beau+++ : what was used in the pipes? maya? vue? how many computers were used in the farm? share some production details pleeeeease.
  12. yoni bendor


    come with low expectations , high , or just in the middle , this movie is a must. James Cameron had just broken all the boundaries with this one and the biggest blockbuster of history record is soon to come. I will watch it again in the cinema asap
  13. you're the second person to ask about him in the last month or so and his name is Conrad Ostwald. www.conradostwald.com
  14. saying this is a nice/professional studio alongside your argument is a huge paradox. Part of being professional(a personal opinion) is being able to do things on time on the freelancer part and on the studio's side. if somewhere along the ride things turn out differently, each part is obligated to inform the other about it. did these "nice" guys call you and tell you your pay will be delayed due to the client? did they respond to your email? do you think they would've contacted you if you would have waited for them to? after all of that, did they have a tiny glimpse of shame asking you to do more work for them? great, get your hands full with the other gigs until these guys pay you , there are too many "nice" people who get burnt in this industry.
  15. Kylie who? never heard about her till you posted this, honestly, could be pure ignorance, then again, could be the outcome of the choices she made. on the other hand: I've heard about Justin Harder, Joost Korngold, Maxim Zhestkov and there are plenty more.... It's kinda like saying Writing songs vs Singing them .... some people prefer one of the two, and some do both by the way, ,if you look at the credit list, you'll see Jonathan Garin & Naomi Nishimura who are listed as "only" a 3d guy... well , judging by Kylie's theory they are nothing but "good technical artists who are easy to find" but fact is they are Pandapanther nowadays and they rock.
  16. i love this reel, this track, the opener / closure and the work on it. great job!
  17. yoni bendor


    worrsssttt fiillmmm eevvverr - cool vfx though still can't figure out how come they haven't graded 90% of the shots that were not in the trailer?!?
  18. that must be the best reel & worst audio mixture I've seen in a long while, Black Murder by Blackscale or whatever this track was, its boring, lame, and repetitive , doesn't do any justice to that superb work and there's going be a million peeps telling you guys this over and over. sick work but PLEASE change that audiotrack.
  19. how about getting a vector map , exporting to good ol' .ai8 , extruding that in c4d using the Hierarchy tab ON (under extrude nurbs) then creating a circle spline, and using Spline wrap to wrap your extrude nurbs object to that circle spline, then, duplicate the object as many times as you need, and just tick the unnecessary parts in each spline so you'll only see the specific country you'll want to extrude. hope I was clear?
  20. Conrad Ostwald. (who's now full time @ buck) [His website
  21. Hi! back in the day there was a c4d scene file around the forum of a discoball, it was almost flawless ... I've tried searching for discoball with and without space yet still no luck, anyone's got an idea?
  22. COFFEE: by the time I'll reach 50 it'll be about 15 - 20k , even more expensive than the scarlet.
  23. last time I checked, gradients alphas bumps AND even the logo could've been on the same SINGLE material, why use 5 seperate ones for that? and in c4d while being in the Materials window if you select a material then go to the Menu -> Function -> Select Texture tags / Objects it will automatically choose all the objects in the scene using that material and show them in the Attributes window, now all you have to do is to drag the Material you want from the Material window and place it over the Current Material (which is shown in the Attributes window) and all the objects within the scene have their material replaced...
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