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  1. jetle25

    Jobs in China?

    Thanks all for your information and experience. From what I have seen online the Motion GFX is still developing in Asia. Their CG work tends to look extremely CG, though improving. Animation and design are good in some areas but is never consistent. I'll keep my eyes open. THanks again J
  2. Does anyone know how the mograph scene is in Asia? I'm interested especially with Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Seem to have a hard time finding information on job listings etc for them. Thanks J
  3. Has anyone graduated from this program, or heard of it and believed it was definitely worth it? There are two concentrations: 2D and 3D. If you did either one did you find it to be a good program? Thanks
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shocker_(hand_gesture)
  5. OMG this is so not cool why would u even post this as a response. I come here for genuine help and all I get is the shocker! LOL
  6. Besides Doves, Fig Leaves, Globes, holding hands, transportation, and Stars; what are other symbols for internationalism? No starbucks or the US flag/political stuff. Something just unbiased or not specific to a certain culture. Just something global but also can be fun or tongue in cheek. Very tough I know. Thanks
  7. Yo Flow that is funny. I was considering moving to Canada too. Especially Vancouver. After watching Sicko I just want some free health care and affordable rent! So maybe the change in work/income makes a lot more room for personal work and quality of living. Plus your gal. Let me know what else you find out about Vancouver, I'll be checking this post often. Thanks everyone else for posting the company info. Pizzles
  8. jetle25

    Wii vs PS3

    Nintendo has not really impressed after N64. Skipped the gamecube, then started seeing some innovations in DS and now the Wii. Mainly what is selling me about it is its price and new way of playing which I think can be extremely fun. Especially some sports games, 1st person shooters and who knows what else Nintendo has planned. Its just another dimension which I think can be very exciting. BUT I love PS2 and its great games that will not be available on Nintendo. But 600 dollars and a new HDTV will burn a hole in my wallet. I don't even play games that often and bought 3 PS2 games in the last 4 years. Most of them used or classics. So I guess when I make a shit load more money, have an HDTV, and when Sony PS3 goes down in price. I'll go pick one up. But right now its definately the Wii.
  9. jetle25

    Wii vs PS3

    Which system are you gonna buy? Why. Lets hear the reasons. For starters I'm gonna get the Wii
  10. Do you have a full name or specific website I can find what this designer did? much thanks
  11. Doing some research. Anyone know of scientific or classroom projector spoofed motion pieces I can see online. Eyeball did something for MTV and I've found various other ones....Just wondering if I missed anything that was really cool.
  12. Anyone try Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield?
  13. Why do HMO's specifically blow? Is it because you can only go through specific doctors that follow the plan?
  14. So searching all the posts on Insurance I didn't find much on Freelancers Union or anything in NYC in particular. Is anyone in NY freelancing and buying their own health insurance? I'm considering going through a rep at my school considering I just graduated. I tried insure.com and got phone calls from insurance companies. Something I'm not big on considering its not really someone to help me choose the best insurance providers. SO if someone has some advice I'd love to hear it, or else I'll just ask more and more people.
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