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  1. Ah, so you're all on Slack now? Is it motiongraphics.slack.com? http://hashtagmotiondesign.com seems to be down.
  2. http://www.c4dlive.com/ Live streaming, right now - Cinema 4D Pros talking about their work, showing some behind the scenes/making of Live from the NAB show (http://www.c4dlive.com/)
  3. If you know some motion graphics related Instagram accounts or have one yourself, please post them here =) One I like a lot is https://www.instagram.com/two_fresh_creative/
  4. Hello everybody. Who knows some good motion graphics related twitter accounts worth following? Here are some that I know and follow (in alphabetical order): Twitter: @2DFam_ @adamswaab @AddiktDM @Aixsponza @ArtoftheTitle @BrandNewSchool ‏ @buck_tv @dfmn @GSG3D ‏ @imaginaryforces @JoseM_Pena @jrcanest @MillChannel ‏ @motionographer ‏ @motions_work ‏ @psyop @RubennA_ @tomaszczajka @twistedpoly @weareMK12 ‏ and for laughs: @FreelanceWars ‏ And please feel free to promote your own personal account too.
  5. We have to keep promoting the forum on social media! Unfortunately I don't have many followers, but I do what I can.
  6. Firemind! Nice to see you again. I'm still a web developer, have changed the employer though. Hardly doing any design work at all, but that's okay. Still love watching motion graphics.
  7. At http://www.cc0textures.com/home you can download free textures and materials. " Free PBR materials, no attribution required! " (PBR = Physically based rendering) Currently they have 97 materials. They're high res and the preview images look quite promising. Haven't tried them myself yet.
  8. Y'all know xplsv.tv, I guess. I used to like checking it out from time to time. Well, it'll be gone soon. What a pity.
  9. This totally reminds me of the end of this clip i posted in the funnystuffthread:
  10. I hope this hasn't been posted before. If our clients started arguing about prices in restaurants, video rentals, hairdressers etc like they do with us.
  11. This page might feature some nice links you don't know yet: http://spyrestudios.com/a-collection-of-re...aphics-addicts/ Good collection of links to mograph-related sites
  12. btw., is that real? Might be a parody. I'm not sure.
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