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  1. Hello everybody. Who knows some good motion graphics related twitter accounts worth following?
    Here are some that I know and follow (in alphabetical order):

    @BrandNewSchool ‏
    @GSG3D ‏
    @MillChannel ‏
    @motionographer ‏
    @motions_work ‏
    @weareMK12 ‏

    and for laughs:
    @FreelanceWars ‏

    And please feel free to promote your own personal account too.

  2. Sorry for bumping my own thread. It's just to make sure that you don't miss this, because it's really good.

    They have interviews with GKaster, people from Hi-Res!, Psyop and more. Not the type of interviews you have to read, but like on TV.

    The gallery has some nice motion graphics in high quality.







  3. The "Reels and Portfolios" section is supposed to be reserved for the "best of the best". It can only be posted to by Mods or Admins. The reason is that if posting in there wasn't limited, we'd end up with most of the posts currently in "Showcase" being in "Reels and Portfolios", which goes against the concept.


    P.S. - You're right though - that is some really good stuff.


    Now, I wonder if we have an Admin around who would be able to move this to Reels & Portfolios for us ... :huh:

  4. Hey guys

    Do any of you believe in meaning of dreams? I had such a weird dream last night and was curious if any of you knew it's meaning. It freaked me out. I was sleeping in a corn field and suddenly my brother appeared right in front of me while pointing his machine gun at me. An eagle attacked him and saved my life.


    Any idea? Should I tell my brother about it?

    here is what I have found out about those symbols:


    corn: Corn represents fertility, fruitfulness and accomplishment


    guns: phallic symbol.


    eagles: they are associated with far-sighted vision and power. You will realize your ambitions and will gain your desires.


    So, what this means is: you desire to have sex with your brother.

    No, you shouldn't tell him about it.

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