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  1. Ah, I always checked nic.com whois. How do i get the ip-adress of a server? (edit: http://www.dnsstuff.com/ seems useful) And the OrgAbuseEmail is the adress i have to send a report to, when i detect illegal content on a website? I never knew who to inform. Yes, i'm a n00b to these things.
  2. Now i feel dumb. I didn't get that red herring thing. Are you saying that the photos in his photobucket account and the myspace accounts are red herrings? I believe that with proxys he meant the proxy software that was on the server, so we couldn't trace back their ip-number (They used PHProxy). The myspace accounts and fotos in photobucket might be red herrings, but i don't think so. I think they're really that stupid. And are you sure that the server is still up? I tried accessing the site from http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html to make sure that it was not an ip-block, also removed all cookies, but i still can't see the site. Maybe what you get is a page from your browser cache?
  3. Sounds like the page i saw last. I believe you can't register because the authentication pic doesn't show, right? You can see their member list though. Some of them have even given their myspace account. They're so dumb, it's amazing. It seems that there are plenty of kids from Kenton on that site.
  4. Really? Damn, i still can't see it. Maybe they block my ip-address.
  5. People keep changing their avatars, so i'm not sure which was your last one. But didn't you have this supergreg avatar? You can make a new avatar from this pic:
  6. ... and one of the best ressources i know for inspiration, design knowledge, good free fonts, tutorials and software, etc. ...
  7. Good idea. And please no more username changes. ezwarez.org seems to be down now. Like, really down. ServerNotFound-down.
  8. Who cares. Mograph is back, that's all that really counts. Thank you very much firemind, for all the work you put into mograph. Sniff... I'm getting so emotional... big mograph therapeutic group hug!!!
  9. Have a good talk with his parents. They'll give him the punishment he deserves. Probably no desert all month or something like that. And don't do anything wrong. I'd rather see him in jail than you. I think the board update has given us some new smilies.
  10. That kid has illusions of bringing ezwarez back to life. Now that's what i call optimism.
  11. No, i didn't mean "who's the chick?" I meant "which one of those two is the chick?"
  12. I like being back to zero posts (4 now). Having more than 1000 posts on any forum makes you look like you don't have a life. What truely surprises me: from all the forums they messed with, it seems that he only got into trouble with mograph members. Don't fuck with the pink police (this picture is originally from self_90)
  13. Cool, is that .Phoenix ? How did you find that? Do you know anything else about him? And whoever deleted his forum: well done and thank you!
  14. Aahh! I knew somebody would have the info. Now i can sleep well. I like this from his temporary page: Sounds like his sister is a mograph phone sex groupie! If the phone calls aren't annoying, then why will they get their phone number changed?
  15. Yes, i did. the0n3 is a kid from Kenton Ohio, a town with 8,400 habitants. He probably goes to Kenton Middle School, plays football, has a dog which looks like Lassy, a sister, a Kodak easyshare C643 zoom digital camera, he's a Nazi and supporter of the KKK, fan of the pitsburg Steelers and is dumb as can be. Here he is: Unfortanetely i didn't save the original whois-entry at nic.com before he changed it. But i'm sure somebody has (i hope so). All his pics at: http://s55.photobucket.com/albums/g152/v0lcomsk8ter0/ If he deletes them, no worries, i already saved the best ones.
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