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  1. big list of texture sites at the following link: http://www.3dlinks.com/links.cfm?categoryi...ubcategoryid=94
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    All you need is the stumbleupon extension for firefox. It's the best social bookmarking thing ever. You create an account, tell it what interests you have and then you just keep clicking the "stumble" button. It keeps presenting sites that match your interests.
  3. Just wondering. He hasn't posted for a long time.
  4. http://www.fubiz.net/blog/index.php?2008/0...ike-air-force-1
  5. Oops, my bad. I was talking about: "Motion Graphic Design: Applied History and Aesthetics, 2nd Edition" Also by Jon Krasner. I thought it was the same book, just a new edition, but I guess it's not, is it?
  6. I received this book a few days ago from Amazon. The second edition. It's quite up to date. Even features some storyboards and test renders of Adam Swaab's (our good old member Chinaski) "Icarus". However, I haven't read it all yet, but so far my impression is this: lots of examples, plenty of great pictures and the DVD has a lot of great stuff. So, it's worth the money already for the inspirational stuff alone. I expected a little bit more from the book when it comes to knowledge though. The chapter titles sound great. But then there's often just a short introduction, a bit shallow, followed by lots of examples. Good thing about the examples is, that often the concepts behind the animations are nicely explained and the author (Jon Krasner) points out some things that you might not have noticed otherwise. Anyway, sometimes I would have preferred less examples and more theory – even though I usually love learning from examples, but in this book it seems just a bit too much focus on them rather than on explanations of the principles and basics themselves. Well, that's my impression. But like I said, I haven't read it all yet. I'd give 4 stars (from 5). It's good but I still hope to find a better book.
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    They just released RojoTV. It's great. Lots of nice animations there. (Found this on motionographer's quickies)
  8. That's bad. An alternative would be to use Glu3d But then again you already bought RealFlow. I hope they'll bring the plugin soon.
  9. this won't help you with your decision but just for the love of fluid simulations: All types of simulation tests by Ron Fedkiw from Pixar Fire, water and smoke in this reel from scanline fx who use their own software called flowline
  10. The female version: my pü$$, nsfw
  11. Smell my d!@k! Back to things a little more safe for work: Dan Winslow's "Sponsor me"-Video. EXTREME! http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/video/...videoId=3321956 Plus: music video "Knights of Cydonia". Everything a good clip needs: Kung Fu, Robots, Lazer, Cowboys and stuff. Muse - Knights of Cydonia
  12. I've heard of it. Some mograph admin has a link to it in his signature. Now if i could only remember his name.
  13. Oh snap, they removed my 251 points from the hall of fame. I totally hoped to gain respect as the ultimate font recognition master.
  14. Check the highscore, yo! Muahahahaaa. I'm the haxor!
  15. Google can and does read text from swf-files by the way. The most important factor for the ranking of your pages are links to your site from external sites.
  16. i hope this hasn't been posted yet. http://www.pinktentacle.com/2008/03/video-...n-ishii-vs-flr/
  17. I don't know. But I know that the Lindsay Daniels - the Creative Director - is from DK. The Executive Producer, Casey Steele, has worked for Brand New School, Logan and Stardust.
  18. http://www.favoritecolor.tv/ very professional and inspiring, have a look!
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