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  1. when rappers get ahold of powerpoint. http://madhattannights.com/when-rappers-ge...-of-powerpoint/
  2. Waste more time here: http://www.bass10.com/flash-games/puzzle-g...rz-puzzle-game/ It sucks you in and spits you out 5 hours later. Honestly, it's very addictive.
  3. Use the mighty power of Photoshop Scripting! Use a simple text editor to create a new file called "findlayerbyname.jsx" Copy the following code into that file and save it: var layername=prompt ("What is the name of the layer that you are looking for?"); var folder=Folder.selectDialog("Please choose the folder that you want to search through"); var showhiddenlayers=confirm ("If the layer you are searching for is hidden, do you wish to unhide it?"); var selectlayer=1; // Do you want to auto-select the layer when it's found? var myfiles=folder.getFiles("*.psd"); var limit=myfiles.length; for (a=0;a<limit;a++){ open(myfiles[a]); var img=app.activeDocument; try{ var mylayer=img.layers.getByName(layername); }catch(e){ // do nothing } if (typeof mylayer!= "undefined"){ alert("found the layer "+layername+" in this document"); if (showhiddenlayers==true && mylayer.visible==0){ mylayer.visible=1; } if (selectlayer==1){ img.activeLayer=mylayer; } break; } img.close(SaveOptions.DONOTSAVECHANGES); } In Photoshop from the main menu bar choose file > scripts > browse and pick your jsx-file It will ask you for the layer name that you are looking for and ask you to choose a folder to browse through. Then it will open each file in that folder, close the file if the layer wasn't found and stop when it arrives at a PSD-file with the layer you've been looking for.
  4. And don't miss: The top 15 unintentially funny comic book panels
  5. From "15 unfortunately placed ads":
  6. Ah! Knowledge pours down on me. Now I understand.
  7. How did you get that 35.264 number? I've tried in Max and I get the perfect angle with the following rotation values (world axis): X:60, Y:0, Z:45 When antialiasing is turned off for rendering you get true pixel art where straight horizontal lines go 2 Pixels to the side, then 1 Pixel up.
  8. igorschmigor

    New Reel

    Alex Zane's sex contract game? WTF??? I really liked your reels.
  9. Strato in Germany is great. You get unlimited traffic for about 15 Euros per month. I'm even luckier: I have an old contract where I get unlimited traffic for something like 5 Euros per month.
  10. This is really great. All clients seem to know those rules. Currently we (me and the agency I work at) are totally suffering from rule number 7. Rule number 7 almost always applies.
  11. There is a little Windows extension called QuickThumb. It's not very stable though.
  12. P.S.: love the site too. Don't have to scroll, so I don't mind the window size. Awesome designs and site. Did you create that site yourselves too?
  13. But the rest of the poster shows wine, pans, garlic and an apple. How would a hot babe or Ferrari fit in there?
  14. http://www.jengajam.com/r/30503 Weird. But cool.
  15. Why not use a real chat program and a screen grabbing tool to record it?
  16. why must I laugh, why must I laugh, teelll meeeheee!!
  17. What What? Anybody ever heard Eddie Murphy's "Boogie in your butt?" http://kempa.com/mp3/Eddie%20Murphy%20-%20...your%20Butt.mp3
  18. Whatever. It's just one more ugly Google logo.
  19. plugins for what program? www.maxplugins.de has lots for 3ds max
  20. Good thing about the flood of spams here is: they bump threads that deserve to be bumped.
  21. that post can't be real. "Do you know how to do that? Know how to do, like, ... motion graphics?"
  22. Time to call our homies in Kenton, Ohio
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