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  1. Wow big discussion going on. Hi, Kelly&Daniel! I appreciate that you dropped by to let us know how you didn't do it. Amazing technique.
  2. It's acutally a 32bit PNG (24 for RGB + 8 for Alpha). Which means that IE users won't have the transparency effect. Unless you use the pngbehavior.htc You can find it here: http://webfx.eae.net/dhtml/pngbehavior/pngbehavior.html It's a file that you upload to the server and in the CSS you write img { behavior: url("pngbehavior.htc"); }
  3. Instead of using Powerpoint??? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?
  4. Talking about improvements: you scaled this button with HTML. Doesn't look nice. <img src="http://www.graymachine.com/images/demo.png" alt=" " height="41" width="305"> should be <img src="http://www.graymachine.com/images/demo.png" alt=" " height="55" width="392">
  5. Very nice site indeed. But why no link to mograph? I've heard many good things about Joomla. So far I've been using Typo3 for clients but it can be so frustrating sometimes. I'll give Joomla a try.
  6. Oh! Damn! I didn't get the joke/sarcasm. My bad. Sorry.
  7. But that's exactly what Bush stands for. And he got re-elected.
  8. Christopher Walken is missing on the list.
  9. Nah, I guess you're right. After creating that Flash site I made an HTML one pager too. Now I also get more hits from Google.
  10. I think this one is worthy: http://duler.ru I like the abstract 3D stuff on his reel.
  11. I love the templates at templatemonster.com But the problem with many flash templates is: you can usually tell that they are templates. That's not so cool.
  12. igorschmigor


    No, never. This post feels like spam to me. I sometimes feel like sticking a middle finger up to that.
  13. igorschmigor


    Streethorsing! That's too crazy. I don't buy it.
  14. Because it's so WEB 2.0!!! Community!!! Tag clouds!!! Ajax!!! Big fonts!!! ... and maybe because it helps you find useful websites, maybe.
  15. Just joined. Mine is igorshmigor, of course.
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