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  1. I don't think that it's made of stills. To me it looks like it was all filmed in slowmo. The stills effect is probably faked by holding every nth key for n frames. That's my guess and that's how I would try to do it.
  2. Big Brother NSA has us all on his watch list.
  3. I thought you were. With total debt of $44 trillion, or $147,312 per man, woman and child
  4. What type of video hardware can be used to simulate dynamics? I thought this was all done by the CPU?
  5. Making fun of all people who think in stereotypes, I guess. But nevertheless, people in Kazakhstan were not amused and didn't get the humor, just like firebetty doesn't get the humor in that video. Google: borat kazakhstan "not amused"
  6. Isn't Borat a movie making fun of Kazakhstan? Weren't you the first one to applaud? Feels different when people are making fun of your own country, doesn't it? Of course we know that not all US Americans are like in the video. P.S.: madam, we still need photographic proof of your cuteness.
  7. Photos! and: the deadliest snakes the deadliest spiders the deadliest jellyfish sharks aligators ... i've been there on holiday though. My wife always wants us to move there. It surely is nice. All countries have wine, beer and women, by the way.
  8. :H :H :H for everyone. Let's all be friends. I like US Americans. They're cute.
  9. Of course, you can do that type of video in any country. I've seen the same thing with Germans on German TV.
  10. True, the footage was excellent. And specially made for the tutorial.
  11. Wow, coke with "ice" in it and a good dentist. I wonder how many countries can keep up with that. This thread is an extension of that video.
  12. I tried a Combustion difference matte tutorial once. It was the first and only time that I ever used combustion but I was amazed how well the difference matte worked. Even thin strands of hair got keyed perfectly.
  13. Discreet? Discreet is gone. History. A thing of the past. Very cool. BUT: how slow is it going to be. My guess is: VERY!!! Yes, with three exclamation marks. That slow. Hopefully not, though.
  14. One ring to rule them all: http://forum.24-7media.de/
  15. igorschmigor


    Very true. Very impressive portfolio. I guess you (Mitchell) got paid anyway. I hope Stardust got paid too. Do they know about it?
  16. Ah! Some animations! Much better. You should add pics or quicktime links to all your posts. I won't mind the long text blocks when I can see what you're actually talking about.
  17. What??? Am I the only one to go nuts over the fact that Nando Costa posted his first thread here?
  18. Nando! Great to have you here on mograph! The project sounds great. Wish I had the time to help with the coding, but unfortunately I don't. Anyway, good luck with it. Hoping to read more from you here on the forum.
  19. Lots of graffiti videos online for free at http://www.graffititv.net/
  20. I'm sure you'll find that kind of tutorials at the computerarts website
  21. Has anyone seen this? Or used this? Common sense. Costs nothing, has an amazing impact on everyday life. Sounds too good to be true. Also, has anyone used Google? You can enter search terms and it finds something for you. If the SpamCop discussion doesn't scare you away, check out this page from downseven Blog (scroll down to "Warning About Low-Cost Vista and Office 2007")
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