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  1. I remembered seeing a script that would flip the order of your layers somewhere.
  2. Instead of a SSD drive, you might want to look into a 10,000 rpm raptor drive. They arn't quite as expensive as the SSD's but are still pretty quick.
  3. I've got a Realflow of blood going to my lower body.
  4. Big up to Lloyd Alvarez. Give him a couple bucks. Zorro the Layer tagger
  5. I do as much as I can to avoid precomping. Lloyd Alvarez's layer tagger has drastically improved my quality of life in that aspect. I am "null' junkie. I also like to make sound effects while animating such as "whoosh", "pew pew pew", "boing boing" and "bam!"
  6. How do you circle jump with a Wacom?
  7. A good friend of mine started a website where freelancers can post their work and do some social networking. They have categories for Mographers, Editors, Producers and DPs. Hopefully, it can become a good resource for freelancers to find some work out there. REELPOST
  8. This happens to me every so often as well since upgrading to CS4. My solution was to clear disk caches or even a dreaded software restart. These kind buggy quirks lead me work on CS3 whenever I can.
  9. ynaka

    Photoshop & AE

    you can drag the file from the "explorer" directly into AE in windows.
  10. I used to be a full-time contacts guy. I would work all day with them in, then go to the gym and sweat into them, and then come home and frag for hours on my comp. Eventually, I developed some strange pains in my eye and I self-diagnosed myself on the internet with glaucoma. I went to the eye doctor hoping she would give me a weed prescription, but it turns out I don't have glaucoma. Anyway, it was enough to spook me out that I now wear glasses most of the time and contacts when I work out.
  11. I usually go with a bottle of liquor. I make sure that they drink first though
  12. back before cs3, A dude named Pete Warden had a bunch of cool free plugins. One of them was "smear" and it did the same effects as "cc scale wipe". It's too bad he stopped working on those plugs. They were awesome. Pete's Plug-ins
  13. This is always the hardest part of cutting a new reel for me too. I do like that Friendly Fire track you put up though
  14. I believe you can be a member of the freelancers union without getting insurance from them, so if you want to take part in all the discounts they offer members, the only thing you need to do is sign up. I would get insurance from them, but they no longer cover people who live in New Jersey who freelance in NYC. Those of us in Jersey have to go through whatever options insurance companies offer to the self-employed. Having said that, the price is coverage is pretty comparable.
  15. ynaka


    I gotta vouch for Senni's too. I've got the 595's too. But you can pick up the HD280 pro for about $100. They feel great for hours. I've used them gaming, djing and mographing and not that different from the 595s in terms of sound quality.
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