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    A simple camera movement question.

    Here's my advice. Do a video screen capture, and put it inside a comp in After Effects. Scale it down, and try to recreate it - just for learning purposes. Go frame by frame to see how they achieved the movement.
  2. If your'e charging day rates, those range anywhere from 400-800 USD depending on skill and location. Mid-range, 500-600, experienced, 600-800. Junior, probably as low as 300-450/day.
  3. daveglanz

    A simple camera movement question.

    Looks like a simple ease in/ease out to me. Have you tried the curve editor? You can also attach a camera to a null and overshoot the keyframes to add more drift.
  4. daveglanz

    Motion Graphics Principles

    @mo_mograph1 there are plenty of places to learn. Go to a bookstore to start (assuming there's one still open!). Check out anything you can find on the principles and fundamentals. Take some screen grab videos of animation that you like, and break it down and study the speed, timing and design. Some youtube channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4oFFjKQKHj_fCOkBLH61w https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgFGxWhhczNhEMeygMuwNqQ EJ's stuff - a bit intermediate but still some of the best of course: http://eyedesyn.com Check out Carey Smith's (free and/or paid) lessons: http://www.division05.com Probably worth checking out the archives of Andrew Kramer for VFX and motion graphics: http://videocopilot.net
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    Opinions on Schooling

    If you go to school, it should be for something more general. Design, fine art, etc. Business? Something useful. Everything else you can learn online, on your own, or on the job.
  6. daveglanz

    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

  7. daveglanz

    Macbook Pro to PC Laptop

    I went ahead and shelled out for this: http://www.wacom.com/en-us/products/pen-computers/wacom-mobilestudio-pro It'll be my first time using Windows since...the late 90s?
  8. daveglanz

    Wanna help keep mograph.net on-line?

    Made my donation - thanks Marc.
  9. daveglanz

    Are you undercharging?

    Good post Aleksey - thanks for putting it up!
  10. daveglanz

    Putting mograph skills into a reel ?

    Best way to start building a reel is to give yourself projects, and offer to do them for people. Where do you live? Are you near any ad agencies? Churches, non profits, local businesses?
  11. daveglanz

    Process Videos

    Oh, and as luck would have it, here's one from today! http://motionographer.com/2016/02/11/process-the-feel-good-bakery/
  12. daveglanz

    Process Videos

    This is close, but probably not exactly what you're looking for: http://motionographer.com/2014/07/18/best-tutorial-ever/
  13. daveglanz

    Is El Capitan ready for prime time yet?

    Quicklook works again in El Capitan (with videos and everything else). Other than that, I'm not having any major issues with CC 2014, 2015 or Cinema 4D.
  14. daveglanz

    CC 2015 Unstoppable Previews

    Danmarker - hop on the hastagmotion design Slack - http://hashtagmotiondesign.com. Adobe has a rep there who has been answering a lot of questions, including the issue you mentioned.
  15. daveglanz

    Recent grad with a fresh reel here!

    I hate to say this, but mograph.net hasn't had a lot of traffic lately, as most of us (I think) have moved here: http://hashtagmotiondesign.com
  16. daveglanz

    Adobe Preparing to Buy The Foundry

    Possibly relevant: https://twitter.com/ToddKopriva_AE/status/592870425669070848
  17. daveglanz

    Helix Spline Problems

    Have you considered just grabbing this? http://cgterminal.com/2014/12/28/cinema-4d-rollercoaster-4d-toolkit/
  18. daveglanz

    what's coming in the next version of After Effects

    According to Tim Kurkoski - over on the Modesign Slack chat, multithreaded rendering is coming in one of the next go-'rounds.
  19. daveglanz

    what's coming in the next version of After Effects

    Thanks Todd! Great to see all the feedback leading to (what looks like) great results for the next release. Did I miss it, or are Layer Groups still not happening?
  20. daveglanz

    New Reel! Would love feedback!

    Doesnt' look like you'll have much trouble landing work. Good stuff.
  21. daveglanz

    I made a video 'bout inspiration.

    Yay Binky's back!! thanks man, bookmarked!
  22. daveglanz

    Danny Yount has a new reel

    Yeah he's pretty good, I guess
  23. daveglanz

    The New Mac Pro

    Not sure if you found this, Simon, but check this out: http://www.sfbags.com/products/mac-pro-go-case
  24. daveglanz

    C4D Polygons invisible in editor

    The file I downloaded only has a single polygon object that's not showing up in the viewport.