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  1. https://zyncrender.com Owned by Google. Doesn't work w Houdini Indie last time I checked though.
  2. FYI for those interested in Cloud rendering, I've been playing around with Zync which is owned by Google and uses their Cloud VMs. Did some successful tests and think it has some potential for the future. https://www.zyncrender.com/ Pros: Uses Google Cloud VMs so guessing the prices are pretty competitive over the long run. Handles all the VM instances for you as well as the render licensing are build into the costs (see their price chart). Can use Preemptible nodes to save money and you have the flexibility to choose whatever size/power nodes are needed for the job. Setup took a little bit of time but was still waaay more straight forward than imaging your own VMs via the Google Cloud Console. Automatic upload/download of scene files/textures/rendered files is super helpful. Cons: For some reason my Test C4D scene took a long time for the VM to spin up and actually start rendering. Scene was just a cube and camera but didn't actually render until like 10 minutes later. Not a big deal if your scene is heavy but for simple/small jobs probably isn't worth the launch times. The Nuke test job was much quicker so maybe it's a bug w/ C4D or just a fluke w/ my job. They seem to also be adding more and more renderers over time but if you're using custom Plugins (X-Particles, TurbFD, etc) it won't render as far as I know. Can render regular Houdini job but can't do Houdini Indie jobs. So for those feeling adventurous and have some setup time: First you need to link/sign up your regular gmail to Google Cloud Platform. A few months back I got some free trial credits for $800 of rendering ($500 promo code, google it and try to find one online + $300 standard trial amount.) https://cloud.google.com/free-trial/ After getting accustomed to how the Cloud Console works, install both the Client App and Plugins https://download.zyncrender.com/ follow the tutorials to authorize the App with your Google Cloud account. https://zyncrender.com/tutorials/ https://sites.google.com/site/zyncpublic/doc/cloud-project-setup Maya, Houdini, and Nuke all installed fine but as of plugin build ZYNC_Plugin_Installer_osx_v1.2.5 my C4D plugin didn't get put in the correct place. Maybe they will fix in future bug fix, but I had to go into /Users/Username/Library/zync/zync-c4d and follow the directions in the text file README.md (Copy folder into C4D plugins folder, rename the config_c4d.py, change API path to the FULL zync-python directory which includes the Library directory so /Users/Username/Library/Library/zync/zync-python After doing all that, got my Test C4D file to submit and render properly. Hope that helps somebody.
  3. I also like the window snapping function in Win10. Ended up installing a similar functionality called 'Moom' for OSX that lets you do the full/half/quarter screen by dragging to sides/corners. https://manytricks.com/moom/
  4. Also cineversity has some videos: https://cineversity.com/vidplaylist/new_in_cinema_4d_r18
  5. The 1070 seems like it could be a good budget friendly option as well. Not sure how much VRAM Octane uses but having 8GB for TurbulenceFD sims is tempting at ~$379. I will wait till more reviews are out but so far sites are saying the 10xx series is a bigger jump in performance than the usual yearly updates.
  6. Is AE 2015 stable enough to use in a production environment now or is it still really buggy (on OSX)?
  7. "While MAXON remains committed to offering a perpetual license with the security of software ownership, we also recognize that subscription models make it easier for individuals to acquire software and for larger companies to adjust licensing counts to satisfy short-term production needs. Therefore, in 2016, MAXON will be exploring new ways to offer Cinema 4D in a time-limited fashion to satisfy this demand." http://www.maxon.net/en/news/maxon-blog/blog-singleview/article/2016-opportunities-and-challenges.html
  8. Running a GTX 970 on a hackintosh. The last time running a "PC card" in a proper Mac Pro a couple of years ago, I remember you lose the EFI boot (when you hold down option to switch OS's) so if you need that frequently best to keep your current card in there as well. Had to upgrade to Yosemite (10.10) and install the Nvidia web drivers to get the 9xx series working. Looks like they just release 10.11 drivers as well. http://www.tonymacx86.com/graphics/173246-nvidia-releases-alternate-graphics-drivers-os-x-10-11-0-346-03-02-a.html Can't comment on running a 980ti on Mac Pro but might be able to find others who have or haven't had issues. Initial post seems a bit older so I don't think I'd necessarily take their advice about buying a 7xx series over a 9xx unless there are major compatibility problems w/ your model. Better to look in the comments for other users: http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/frequently-asked-questions-about-nvidia-pc-non-efi-graphics-cards.1440150/
  9. My R17 email came so testing out the new takes system. A lot of times I'll assign a pure Red/Blue/Green shader to type and use the R1, C1 to get main/edge/cap mattes. I followed the Cineversity video but when I make an new ColorMatte Take using the material overrides it either duplicates the main beauty pass tag multiple times for each Red/Green/Blue texture or using Autotakes and dropping the color textures on the type it will assign the additional color matte texture tags to the main beauty take. Not a huge deal since I can disable the matte colors by typing in "x" in the selection field of the Texture tag, but was wondering if there was a way to get things cleaner so it doesn't assign multiple shaders on the beauty pass. Or long story short make it so the main beauty Take only has the one beauty shader, and the ColorMatte Take only has the Red/Green/Blue shaders.
  10. A helpful shortcut is the Shift+Spacebar (Control+Spacebar on Windows) for an add node dialogue search like Nuke's Tab shortcut. Can be faster than the toolbar or digging around via right clicking. If Blackmagic wants to bring over Nuke and AE users they should give the option to change the navigation to the more standard Option+LMB/MMB/RMB, or better yet like Nuke's preferences let you tailor it to your specific 3D app of choice. Also for those who are wondering, the Hotkey Manager hasn't been included (yet) in the Mac beta to remap keys. Normally it's under File/Script but seems to be missing for now.
  11. Mostly a UI update and Mac support so if you're on PC not a huge amount has changed feature-wise from 7.7 https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/fusion
  12. 2015 seems to have fixed the "doesn't play the first second of RAM preview the first time" bug when using Yosemite.
  13. I saw this just came out and seems interesting as a NAS/DAS hybrid. Thunderbolt 2 for direct connection to your workstation but also NAS w/ 10GbE ports if you need to render farm stuff: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/qnap-computex-qts-42-containers-thunderbolt,29337.html It says "Audio/video professionals will benefit from the extra Thunderbolt 2 DAS feature without purchasing expensive 10 GbE switches and add-in cards." So does that mean you physically hook up a second ethernet port cable from another computer directly to the NAS? I've been using SSD for boot drive and internal drives software RAID 0 (with a complete external backup) for data. SSD 170 MB/s write, 470 MB/s read while the 4 7200rpm RAID only gets 250 MB/s read and write on average. Is that low or about right for that settup?
  14. Would love to see a 2014 comp with CPU meters open vs the same comp in 2014.5. I'd be curious to see the speed difference in real world time and if all the CPU bars are in fact peaking.
  15. Any suggestions of cool stuff to check out this year or tips in general?
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