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  1. You can save a step here by using "cut" instead of copy. Just cut and paste and the order will be reversed. JD
  2. On interesting note, I noticed some time ago that the Commonwealth Bank (Australia's biggest bank) had some ads on that site. I emailed the bank with links and they rang me saying they were shocked. Apparently that site puts of ads from legitimate big business to make itself look legitimate. JD
  3. It hasn't been taken down and trust me, it wouldn't matter how many letters are sent to them. I am consistently having Rapidshare remove links to my work. Some people ask me why I bother and to them I say it's easy to send a simple email regarding the abuse and have these links shutdown. Sadly once your work is being torrented there is not much one can do. Just to give you some perspective, last time I looked at just one torrent site I found my Making It Look Great 1 training had been downloaded almost 2000 times - that's well over 80,000 dollars that me and my family don't see. We bust our asses to make this training and we sell it for a song. There is absolutely no excuse to steal our work. My 1 cent. JD
  4. Motionworks


    http://www.motionworks.com.au JD
  5. Speaking of Cinema 4D, After Effects and training; I'm on the lookout for an experienced C4D/AE user to discuss working with me on a training product. If you are interested or know of someone who may be please email me at john@motionworks.com.au Best, JD
  6. On OSX Leopard, ScreenFlow is the good. JD
  7. You can control the blast time by using Hold keyframes on the Radius property with the value 0 until the time when you want the shattering to start. JD
  8. I don't know, if that demo movie had included a few more transitions like barn doors and clock wipes I reckon they're onto something. JD
  9. I'm known to be hanging around the Zaxwerks booth doing the odd demo or two JD
  10. We use the word "super" all the time at Foxtel, for example: lower third super, full frame super. JD
  11. Try using an adjustment layer. Apply the effect to the adjustment layer and and use masks to control the placement of the effect. You'll need to precompose the adjustment layer with the layer you want to affect if there is more than one layer in the comp. JD
  12. And don't forget the Puppet Pin tool introduced in AE8. JD John Dickinson Motionworks Making it Look Great 1 Design and Production Techniques for Adobe After Effects and Zaxwerks ProAnimator Available Now
  13. Lightwrap is indeed part of Key Correct Pro. Checkout my Getting Started tutorial JD Motionworks
  14. Just wanted to let forum members know I released a new DVD last week covering design and production techniques for Zaxwerks ProAnimator and Adobe After Effects. http://www.motionworks.com.au/training/training_video.htm JD
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