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  1. I love the 60fps. That was my first reaction.
  2. Is it too early to start whining about losing our post counts ten years ago? Seriously, though...I checked regularly to see if the site was back up. Imagine my elation when I discovered its resurrection. I hope all of you are doing well.
  3. I was hoping for more deer heads.
  4. 1 - Alt-Tab cycles thru applications. Hovering over the icons of open apps on the taskbar will bring up smaller snapshots of their open windows. Control-Tab cycles through windows open in the current app. Shift reverses direction. 2 - I think there are some third party solutions for this, I've never tried any. I get thumbnails of most video formats and CR2 files in Windows Explorer, but that's it. 3 - Do you have a touch screen? I think the two are related. I've never tried to turn that off on my laptop. I bet it's under Ease of Access in the control panel. This reminds me, right-clicking on the Windows icon in the taskbar (Start button) will give you some options such as the Control Panel, which is NOT the same as Settings. Seems infinitely more useful for anyone who isn't a grandmother. 4 - You can do Quicktime Pro on Windows, but it's advised to install just the codecs and not the Quicktime Player or browser components. That's what I do. Of course that won't be enough to generate ProRes files, but you can work with existing files. The one feature I've always liked about Windows is the hotkeys. You'll have the expected modifiers with the Windows key, Alt key, and Control key, but being able to just tap the Alt button and navigate around is really handy for people who have been working with Windows for a long time. I also prefer Windows Explorer to Finder for actual file operations, even though it's missing some of the other productivity features such as Quick Look. Cf
  5. Yeah, I've wondered for years how people who like hotkeys and maximizing windows can possibly stand working on a Mac - because that drives me nuts about MacOS. Windows reminds me of a JCPenney newspaper ad in its current iteration, but as always I can move around in it very quickly. Cf
  6. I use MediaFour's "MacDrive" at home and at work to deal with Mac hard drives when they come in. It's fantastic. I have a virtual PowerPC Mac to run my old games that resides on a CompactFlash card - it even works with that old legacy stuff. I've even repaired corrupted Mac drives with it from my PC. Cf
  7. Don't get me started, when the user database got corrupted I took a serious hit in that department. Cf
  8. I'd have better flashbacks if this post had more deer heads. Happy Friday, you dinosaurs! Cf
  9. That is a painful reminder on so many levels - it was before The Crash when everybody lost their post count and had to become ubernerds all over again.
  10. Amen to that! Some of us would like to nurse along a boxed product for a while, as we only do the occasional side project. We also don't want to have our project files become unusable if circumstances cause us to discontinue the monthly extortion subscription payments. Cf
  11. Govinda, I'd be selective on the 3TB HDD. I read on petapixel that there's a class action lawsuit forming against Seagate due to unreliability of their drives, particularly 3TB Barracudas. I've purchased five of them myself over the past year, and all but one of them seem to be slow as heck (but not unreliable so far). I've typically been a Seagate customer but may have to look elsewhere. Obviously all hard drives have a MTBF, but if someone is clearly lagging behind... Cf
  12. ♫ You can never get it back. You can only let it go... ♫ (Grasshopper Takeover, "Up and On My Way") I hate when I can't be around for my little guys, especially since my wife stays at home with them and does cool stuff with them all day. Thankfully I have a day job and my freelance work is all live sports production which is typicalyl only a night or two at a time. I'm putting off everything else tonight to run them out to the sandbar (no beaches in North Dakota) and do a sunset bonfire. The rest of the world can wait. Cf
  13. ClintVideo

    USA Adventure!

    I know it's too late now, but the Spicy Chicken sammich with a small vat of chili is the way to go. They have packets of hot chili sauce, six of which I add to the mix. Oh man, now I'm hungry! Cf
  14. ClintVideo

    USA Adventure!

    That's super cute. The tune stumped Shazam and SoundHound on my phone. I presume the RV is a tribute to Breaking Bad, which I've never seen... but I am planning on lunch at Wendy's! Cf
  15. Speaking of Illustrator, just yesterday I was fuming how certain pallets in that application feel like such an anachronism. At the time I was trying to scroll through the font list. Sigh.
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