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  1. In the dynamics tag on your Null you need to turn on Apply Tag to Children. You can adjust your Mass of the weight to effect how high the umbrella gets.
  2. Synesthetic has a free Solo plugin, works great with R12. I've heard it's R13 as well, but haven't tried it. Coming from 3ds Max, my brain was hardwired to be able to solo objects. This satisfied it! http://synesthetic.de/stuff/soloUpdate.zip
  3. Hilariously enough it was his breakdown on that Headphone spot that I'm dissecting. I think its a great visual breakdown for someone like me porting to C4D. Thanks!
  4. Ok, I'm pretty sure now that this isn't going to work, but I'm really not sure why. I have a cross section of a tube that has a spline wrap to make it grow on and a bend that animates along it. I put that in a radial cloner to create a whole tube. From there I want to use a spline wrap on the entire tube to follow a spline. What seems to happen is that the the original object follows the spline wrap and then the cloner does it's job instead of the other way around (I want the cloner to create the tube and the tube to follow the shape). I'm curious if anyone can let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or if this method just wont work (I can do this with booleans, but it's clunky). I'm converting from 3ds Max to C4d and I'm following along a visual breakdown to try to figure out the methods. If anyone has a suggestion let me know!
  5. For our company, the cheque runs out with the rest of payroll after the invoice is submitted. This is usually 2 weeks after work is completed, however most invoices are based on 30 days so I'd ask nicely when you can expect it, but pending on the size of the company it could run up to that.
  6. I've seen some similar demo's using joint chains and Xpresso, which I think show great promise. Do you know any easy way to cut my topology with a helix to allow me to get a nice seam? I suppose I can do it manually by adding points, but I'd like to keep my seam as structured as possible if that makes sense?
  7. I'm trying to have a detailed tennis ball unpeel like an orange in C4d ( like a standard helix) . I'm familiar with 3ds max, but am switching over the C4d and can use a point in the right direction if anyone can help. I'm confident I can fake it using different shots if necessary, but I'm looking for a method that I can achieve this in one shot. Right now I'm just experimenting different methods using a simple sphere, then hopefully will be applying such said method to a detailed tennis ball. Using a spline project my thought was to effect the topology of the sphere using a helix (Add points where they intersect), Disconnect the vertices and then unpeel it somehow (with bones?) So essentially my questions are 1. Is there anyway to use the spline to change the topology of my sphere (similar to shape merge in 3ds Max) 2. If not, is there a setting in the snap settings that will allow me to add points to my sphere by snapping on the spline? 3. Any thoughts on an unpeeling method? Thanks!
  8. I agree 100%. Looking at the modernization of communication in the last 5 years, I think it would be incredibly short-sighted to think this is off.
  9. I'm sure I remember seeing this somewhere, but all my searching seems to be failing. Essentially I want to find how to have an image be 1 sided only, so when I rotate it in 3d it won't give the back. Does anyone remember/know this?
  10. Who the hell cares if it's art. It's about respect. If they don't respect other peoples property, then why should I give a damn about their art?
  11. minmax + fill+vegas will get you somewhere along those lines. Theres probably a more straight forward way.
  12. If you have 3ds max it could be the flex modifier
  13. mfh


    I charge per pixel
  14. I can appreciate the flip side to the argument, and i suppose i'm only using my learning experience as a rough timeline of what comes first. For me I learned that I could smooth out spatial data manually with the pen tool pretty early on with AE, but it was much later that I figured out the answer of why it created that little loop in duplicate keys. My old way of dealing with it was to always manually suck the beziers back in until someone pointed that preference out. At this point it's probably a fairly moot point, because as you said its very easy to troubleshoot, but theres always going to be dumbasses like me who decide to work around the problem instead of asking someone for help.
  15. go to your preferences and in the general section, click on "default spatial interpolation to linear". You'll have to physically change the spatial interpolation to any existing keyframes in that project but your future projects won't have this problem. This is one thing that I wish Adobe would change. When you're new to after effects you don't really understand what's causing the problem and you learn how to change the beziers manually with the pen tool before you learn about the spatial interpolation problem. I think that it causes more problems for people when they first start than it would if it always was defaulted to linear.
  16. mfh

    critique to Criticize

    I really like it. Beautiful composition, nice motion and colors. My only complaint would be that the clouds in the wipe feels "soft" to me. They seem less defined than the rest of the piece. Top notch
  17. I think you missed an opportunity here. Most of these typographic pieces all resemble one another too much. This one included. Since the topic was something as organic and flowing as water, I feel that the typography and animation should represent that. The typeface and the animation is very solid and structured, which to me feels oposite of what the speech is. It's executed fine, but the concept feels off to me. My $0.02
  18. mfh

    3ds max help

    I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but i'm making a change to a file I was working on and I can't move 1 object when autokey is on. It remains locked. If autokey is off I can move it around fine. I can also scale it whether or not its on or off. I can change position in the graph editor, but at this point it's a pain to do. Is there some way I could have locked the position track on the object without knowing it? This only applies to one object in my scene
  19. mfh


    My worst experience was a year and a half, but the amount was only a thousand or so, and my only recourse was to go to small claims court. I believed he would eventually pay so I didn't bother going the judicial route, and he eventually did, but the wait was a pain. Other than that it's usually around a month. Definately charge interest and start calling people after around 35 days.
  20. Sure entering contests like this open up the possibility public criticism, and sure everyone is entitled to their opinion and publicly expressing it. They also have to right to look like a jackass when they're criticism is pointless. You can defend peoples right to offer these opinions all you want, but you have to also allow other people to point out how stupid and pointless it is. If the comment was along the lines of these contests putting more credence into actual design, instead of cheesy default effects, then that would likely have came off better. Now I know that the origional comment was an off-the-cuff reaction, but it was called what it was....an off the cuff reaction. It appears that you're defending it as an actual critique, which i'm sure you are not.
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