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  1. • play Lord of the Rings Online • watch FXPHD videos • walk the dogs • sit on the patio with a cup of coffee • watch a movie btw, sometimes watching tv is exactly what you need to wind down and get the day out of your mind so you are able go to sleep
  2. lotro is taking up way too much of my time. maybe i should quit motion graphics and become a full-time lotro player.... they pay people to do that, right? right!?!?!?
  3. mamurphy


    fxphd is pretty darn good for quality and quantity of content. The problem I have is finding the time to watch the vids and do the work.
  4. mamurphy


    do you have motion blur turned on? That will absolutely crush a render if an object is flying by the camera.
  5. I might be a whore..but I'm a high-class whore... I don't kiss on the mouth and I draw the line at the dreaded "Sand Font".
  6. hmmm...if using Papyrus is what it takes to please the client and get PAID, then smile and say "no problem". I've done much worse than use the Papyrus font for money.
  7. Clint, Being "conservative" does not mean being an asshat because some people acted or didn't act a certain way in the recent past. You are "free" to want lower taxes, less government intrusion, military complex growth, smaller welfare commitments, and so on, but i don't see how any of those personal philosophies morph into slamming people who did silly things after Katrina.
  8. yeah, I do a lot of versioning. I have a client that does a lot of promos for conference and multi-part events. I'm running through a lot of names, professional titles, segment titles, locations, etc on lower thirds and billboards. this looks like it could streamline a lot of that work. Will there be a function to auto-adjust font size for longer names to fit within a limited space? - that would be nice
  9. I have a lot of interest in this. once a Mac version is ready I'd love to participate in the testing.
  10. mamurphy

    Bike shopping

    Giant Transcend - $500 Giant FCR - $600 Trek Soho - $600 < That looks sweet! Trek Valencia - $750 Specialized CrossTrail - $400-$700 Fisher Wingra - $500 Just for some direction - These all look nice and in the price range. I used to ride a lot. Not so much anymore.... And I agree with augusto - make sure you haggle.
  11. mamurphy

    Bike shopping

    will you be carrying this thing up and down stairs to get it to and from the street? You plan on carrying spare tubes, etc...? Go light, Bikes get real heavy real quick if you can't roll them. Good steel frames are great but pricey. You will probably find that aluminum is in your price range. Do a quick google on bike components to get a feel for what's quality and what's not. No need to pay for Shimano XTR when Acera will get the job done. (for example) +1 on finding a bike that "fits" you. nothing worse than a frame that's too tall or too short. bleh.
  12. I actually think monkey makes a good point. Value increases with experience and ability to deliver quality goods. I certainly feel my product/my time is worth a lot more today than I was five years ago. Too many people, fresh out of school, with crap reels are asking for the same salary/day rate as folks who have a great reel/experience. Just because one designer/animator can make $80k (random number), that doesn't mean every designer/animator should be expecting to make that. I'd say: add up what your cost of living is, determine what you are willing to work for and then ask for as much as you can get. If 9 out of 10 clients tell you it's too much or pass on you, then maybe reduce your price. If you are booked 7 days a week, raise your prices. I have burned a lot of time, making next to nothing, because I under bid a project. On the other hand, I have lost bids because I charged too much. It's all a learning experience that unique to each of us.
  13. I have a great accountant. That's just a point of reference.
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