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  1. maybe im not getting what you need, but why not just precomp the whole thing and time reverse the comp?
  2. Great as usual, im always looking forward to more of these, i enjoy them a lot. Inspirational yet funny stuff, Congrats and thanks for sharing this!
  3. This, i have always did this, i never get it when people say "SORRY IM RENDERING"
  4. +1 for suitcase fusion. last time i used avi was in windows 98 i guess.
  5. Cool thank for the advice, and all other suggestions people made here. For delivery or low res previews i use adobe media encoder and render h264 if i need alpha or send a high res render for delivery usually pick quicktime animation. i dont use the quicktime player at all on windows.
  6. im a pc guy since forever but i had worked on osx a couple of years, i prefer windows but there are 2 things that i wish to steal from mac. 1- being able to navigate folders in column view or twirl open folders and subfolders, thats just great and navigating folders in windows sucks. 2 - ability to mark files with color labels. another amazing and simple osx feature.
  7. javier g

    Long time no see!

    This forum was awesome pre c4d era. it was a mix of motion graphic with a sarcasm crash course. Still keep coming back, mostly by inertia / nostalgia, but still i find some good posts every now and then (binky and some other smart guys)
  8. if you have to do this for a real job, i would recomend the Drive! plugin for c4d, its amazing
  9. I stopped having the washed out look since i start using the AE h264 preset in cs6, and the h264 mp4 file in AME and i second Vozzz
  10. maybe convert a loop edge of the sphere into a spline and then use it to spline wrap your extrusion? of course you need subdivisions in the caps of the text
  11. I love this series of videos you have made, they're really enjoyable to watch keep em coming and thanks for doing them!
  12. awesome, wish i had that self discipline to do that congrats!
  13. Nice thread to remeber goog old days. it was good while it lasted. i remember getting all excited to move from classic graphic design to motion graphics mainly because i found this forum in 2004 or something.
  14. this is great, i love the way you put this togheter, really helpful and funny to watch too. great work, not surprised since i like to read your post when you comments other people reels. thanks and keep it up!
  15. cool! i'll take a look thank vozzz! offtopic: like button isnt working..
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