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  1. I don't really endorse things but I used this the other day when I was in a bind and it was awesome. Had some slight hiccups initially getting my projects going but I attribute that to me signing up, buying credits and trying to upload files in about a 3 minute frenzied span. Once I got it going though it was super easy and the plugin for c4d puts this well above any of the others that I tried out. 8/10 Will renderfeed again.
  2. "So, your day rate is $500....? And you want $100 a day for your machine....? Y e e e a h . . . . . do you think you could just bring your machine in and we'll just give you $500 for the day? If we decide to take you up on that second hold that we have on you- you'll have guaranteed work for 10 whole days!"
  3. Dual Monitors have been quite finicky for me. Application bars don't seem to like to always stay on the right application and I have some minimal issues with regards to hiding and fast switching.
  4. Haha. Yeah. While we're at it we should start charging less money too...
  5. Hit this guy up. He might have some ideas: http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=28389
  6. Yeaaah. You're pretty much saying exactly what I know to be true. I've been trying to convince myself that it's a good idea for the last week. Luckily haven't pulled the trigger on the build. My workload is pretty high volume and I need stability more than anything. There is no time to fuck with machines.
  7. The idea of making it easier to blindly get notes from The Committee is terrifying. There should be a discussion, not a to-do list. I'm an independent of almost four years. Work remotely from my office 99.9% of the time. Skype, phone calls, and coffee/lunch/drinks work for me. I like a conversation. It builds trust. They can listen to me pretend I know what I'm talking about and then think I know what I'm doing. By stripping out the conversation, you're saying that our thoughts don't matter and we're then, in turn, fully forfeiting direction and every single little willy nilly request to the client, who knows even less. Bad News Bears. It needs to be a back and forth. I just did this huge ass project for Google in February and if we used this I'd probably still be working on their notes. These guys would go and make a fucking fuck ton of notes. (Red on shirt on girl, too red? Green? Blue? Is this font different than this font?) I'd have to call them and have a 20hr phone call to tell them why I did certain things, why my solutions were better, and why their ideas were stupid. Ultimately, I think what you're doing is convoluting the process. Directors, designers, and animators need to be empowered and trusted, not further enslaved to the whims of a bunch of people that would rather make a bunch of comments on something and feel they have worth than do actual work...
  8. Early-2010 Mac Pro here. Building out a pc (x 2) right now for near immediate deployment. I'm done waiting. Considering a Hackintosh because I despise Windows. Anyone running one? Care to chime in? I'm worried about stability... uhh, with deadlines and all... Reference: http://www.tonymacx86.com/344-building-customac-buyer-s-guide-april-2013.html#custo_pro
  9. Strong work. As mentioned though a lot of repetition. Remember to cut on action and or movements that are congruent to the shot previous.
  10. palmer

    2011 Showreel

    I thought the intro was cool but was way long. Putting your face on your site and or reel is an ego move for me though. Eric Jordan from 2advanced used to do that shit. (Hey look at me!!) Regardless your work is dope. I think you could tighten it up a lot bit. It runs long with a lot of repetition. It doesn't leave me wanting more. Everything in there shows good range and that you know what you're doing, as far as I can tell. Couldn't find credits on your site....
  11. So you just send them links to Grayscale tutorials...or?
  12. Just learned this one the hard way.
  13. palmer

    My portfolio!

    "Bio- I am Sam. I'm a student at Full Sail Online. I will be the next student in the hall of fame! I will never be forgotten by this industry! Computer animation!!" REV Bio- I am Sam. I love design and animation. I spend every waking minute learning and trying to better myself. If you want to be good at something, you have to work your fucking ass off. Leave the aspirations of fame to all the assholes on reality tv. Thats my critique of your website.
  14. palmer

    My portfolio!

    I'm going to steal your avatar. It's breathtaking.
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