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  1. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can also do this with a python node. Make sure to change the Input1 and Output1 ports to type string.
  2. This might not be what you want since I don't know what you are exactly looking for but I assume you were able to link the rotation to position. Easy enough... Then maybe use valueAtTime on the rest of the layers?
  3. If you're still tuned in, I updated the plugin with Growl system notifications and Prowl iPhone push notification support. At the moment Growl is OS X only. Hopefully, I can get windows support going. Don't have a wintel machine so hard to test. Also, for Prowl, you will need to purchase the iPhone Prowl app for $2.99. Instructions are in the help menu. If you are familiar with Lloyd Alvarez's excellent BGRender Pro script, it's a very similar process. Thanks again and if you have any issues please send me an email with the problems you are having. Hangover 1.8
  4. About two years ago I had seen an iPhone app with Final Cut shortcuts and I thought, wow, maybe build one with AE shortcuts on it and expand since you are left with the template. So I built a rough prototype thinking I would be an overnight billionaire once finished! First, it took way longer to type in the command key mappings for the program to use than actually programming the whole app. Building the app was the easy part! I started testing it and found it was much easier and faster to use the help menu. Just was not using the app. Scrapped the idea! lol But yeah man, congrats on finishing the app! Like the_Monkey mentioned, it's always a good thing to have C4d expand and get noticed.
  5. LOL No kidding!! For those who find it useful, I have updated the plugin. Fixed some issues and it is now compatible with both OS X and Windows - Cinema 4D R12 Please let me know of any issues you might encounter with it. Thanks!! Hangover v1.6.1
  6. Just upgraded the plugin with email notifications. Retooled the UI as well. Still some work left to do but the essentials are in place. Let me know how it works out for you if you give it a try. Trying to get a windows version as well. Hangover 1.5
  7. I made the script into a plugin because I couldn't figure out how to draw a GUI in the script. I eliminated the need to type in the options and just added buttons. I also rewrote the code base. I'm going to try and implement Growl and an email alert option as well. Might be useful. Nothing fancy, just a way to try to sink the C4D api into my head. Get the plugin here: Hangover v1.0
  8. I whipped up this python script, see if it works for you. You add items to your render queue and execute the script, it will then prompt you to enter "alert", "sleep", or "shutdown" It's still crude and needs some details ironed out but it should do what you want. You can download from here Hangover Script or just copy the following code, open the python script manager, paste and create script. You can also save it to a file and import it through the script manager as well. """ Hangover v0.5 Copyright: Erwin Santacruz 2010 (www.990adjustments.com) Written for CINEMA 4D R12.016 Name-US: Hangover Description-US: Python script for Cinema 4D that gives you the option to shutdown your computer, put it to sleep, or give you an audible alert when batch render is complete. Just add scenes to the render queue and execute Hangover. The script will then prompt you to enter alert, sleep, or shutdown. The render queue will automatically start. Script is Mac OS X only and tested on OS X 10.6.4 and CINEMA 4D R12.016 Creation Date: 11/20/2010 """ import c4d from c4d import gui, documents import os, time, thread def child(batch, time, os, com): """Checks if batch render is in progress""" print(time.ctime()) while batch.IsRendering(): print("Batch render in progress...") #workaround time.sleep(4) print(time.ctime()) print("Batch render comlete.") time.sleep(2) os.system(com) def main(): sel = c4d.gui.InputDialog("Enter alert, sleep, or shutdown").lower() if sel == "alert": com = "say -v Zarvox 'Render Done'" elif sel == "sleep": com = """osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to sleep'""" elif sel == "shutdown": com = """osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to shut down'""" elif sel == "": return else: c4d.gui.MessageDialog("Please enter alert, sleep, or shutdown") return batch = c4d.documents.GetBatchRender() #BF_START = 2 batch.SetRendering(2) if batch.IsRendering(): thread.start_new(child,(batch, time, os, com)) else: c4d.gui.MessageDialog("There are no items rendering in the render queue.") if __name__=='__main__': main() Let me know if it works out for you. Works good on my computer but can't promise anything. Mac only.
  9. So true. Once you hit that six figure mark, increases seems very small because the tax man stays for the whole party. Overall, the higher the position and the responsibilities, you need to make sure to get as much as possible because the risks of being thrown out In the cold like a piece of thrash are much greater. (Soup is good food )
  10. I found it depend on your negotiating skills for the most part. Also, most top studios tend to pay the least.
  11. Like I mentioned, it's a scope issue. If you only reference a variable in a function, the var is implicitly global. However, if you assign a new value to the variable within the body of the function, the var is implicitly local. This is why you are getting the UnboundLocalError exception. The way you have it, you have to declare the variables global explicitly like this: spreadX = 1 spreadY = 1 spreadZ = 1 def main(): global spreadX global spreadY global spreadZ I downloaded your scene file. Modified the code and works fine. Also recreated a new scene. Works.
  12. You have a scope issue. Place spreadX, spreadY, and spreadZ in main.
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    So I guess this is the Crowdspring for VFX/3D/mograph? http://www.tender3d.com Still not sure what to think of these type of services.
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