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    sexy robots
  1. South Park was originally done with paper cut-outs, stop motion style. They had the bodies and separate eyes, mouths, etc. they could use for expressions, etc. That's the reason behind the weird drop shadow behind the characters...
  2. This thread needs more deer heads.
  3. “Can’t you make that dog smile? Don’t you have a smile filter on this expensive machine?” (Agency, Owner) these are friggin' priceless!
  4. there's a tutorial up on the cow that shows how to apply this sort of technique to creating light streaks, ala the new nano ads.
  5. yay. another version of Tony Hawk Pro Icon Collector. feel my excitement.
  6. sib

    video effects

    http://www.aeprojects.com/index.php?act=vi...mp;productId=19 This one is too awesome. He should be charging $900 instead of $90
  7. sib

    my new ink

    it needs more secondary animation...
  8. sib

    Mograph Wiki

    I'm always down for a good IRCing. realtime interaction might be the kick in the pants this project needs.
  9. Canada is ok right now..... but the Cons are working on it
  10. sib


    They spend too much time fantasizing over what it will be down the road and not enough time on creating a robust product in the now... they're on version 2.0 final and it still crashes like hell. Don't get me wrong here, I would like to see an Open Source video project like this succeed. It's just that they need to get their priorities set on producing a quality product. edit: I just tried the new version. I'm impressed, it actually loads. I got the 1k Red.com bubble movie open in it (and it plays, albeit slow, but my computer sucks)
  11. Because that's what Tarantino does. It's his thing. He is reliving his childhood by stealing bits of old asian and blaxploitation movies he watched as a kid. Hopefully this one will be a bit more original. I don't know... I can't watch the thing because YouTube is forcing me to sign up to verify my age. I am annoyed. Anyway, it's not that I dislike Tarantino. His movies entertain me. Sometimes they do come across as a bit 'fanboy-ish' and strung together though...
  12. sib

    Choke on this

    I read Choke a little while ago. It was awesome. I have Haunted sitting on my desk right now, ready to be started when I have free time. Plahniuk is cool....
  13. given the way Maya has worked in the past, I would say no. The plugin makers will have to recompile for the new version. Something that has always annoyed me about Maya.
  14. they changed the names to be more like max. I guess. I dunno.... I think it's dumb too. I've read somewhere (autodesk.com maybe?) that the menus themselves were changed because they are now customizable. I hope they don't "max" it up too much... I always preferred Maya's way of working over Max.
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