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  1. Thank You so much people greatly appreciated..
  2. Hello Everyone, I need some help naming a font. I had a client come to me asking to do some graphic design for him. When he provided me with his logo it turned out he did not have a PNG. So I have to recreate the whole thing over for him. So here I am asking for your help, does anyone know the name of this font?
  3. Correction, Combustion is not node based, it has a Schematic view which seems like its node based but in reality its not. Combustion is a layer based composeter.
  4. Stupid! was it suppose to be funny?
  5. I think mograph.net should have a screening process or some sort of test before you are able to post here lol.
  6. Ok, I will try not to be too cruel but I would start with not using a web template because if I can recognize it I am sure so can everyone else. Unless you plan to tell everyone that this is a template that you modified then I guess there isn't much to say. Just my 2cents
  7. I would take Sao's advice and go with overnightprints.com as I have ordered from them as well and they are great.
  8. Just bought the signature upgrade version hopefully will upgrade this weekend. I have to say cool box.
  9. Make sure to save the file as Illustrator 8 if you’re going to do it that way. If you want to do it in max create a cylinder and convert it to editable poly, then use the cut tool to create the pies give each section a different material id and assign the material from material editor (in your case colors). Good luck
  10. Dude whats with using the Gnomon dvd's music on your website?
  11. LOL this is the exact reason I love coming here hahahah
  12. Also Major difference I have noticed is that when you shoot blue screen if you have a color spill the blue screen spill is not highly recognizable as for the green screen where its very noticeable the reason for that is because blue is a complementary color to flesh tone.
  13. Dude, great job I have been to that website and all I have seen is technical driven garbage. I hope you win man.
  14. I don’t want to start a debate on Mac vs. PC but don’t you think buying a Mac to run windows defeats the purpose of buying a Mac?
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