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  1. New Deerhoof out today. "Friend Opportunity"
  2. This one? http://www.detonationfilms.com/free_stuff.htm
  3. That's one of the worst commercials I've ever seen. Maybe it's time to move the fuck on and do something new, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. For instance, you might try selling used cars. Terrible.
  4. I actually did buy it back when it was $14. 25 shares at a cost of $350. It split to 50 shares a few years ago. It's now worth almost $5000. Turns out I should have bought a lot more. DOH! I just hope it splits again soon. As for iPhone, I just wish I could get it with T-Mobile. I've been happy with my PEBL for the past year, but if I could have this and not jump networks, that would be ideal. Oh well. I'll wait til rev. 2 and see how I feel then.
  5. Some nice looking boards there. The site looks pretty awesome, too. Wish there were more video clips, though.
  6. worldpattern


    Yeah, they have that goofy album cover which I like. I've dabbled in listening to them, but haven't devoted myself to paying attention while listening. I'll go back and check them out again.
  7. Looks awesome! The only hiccup I had was that after I closed the new window for the first clip I clicked on, the gallery went black and I had to reload it. Safari 2.0.4, OS X 10.4.7, Flash 9 for PPC.
  8. Happy Birthday! Mine was last week. I'm only 8 days and 11 years older than you.
  9. Ha, I almost felt bad for Pauly Shore. At least Paul Ruebens actually took his wang out in public, not some fake wang. Sheesh.
  10. You can play Donkey Kong on a PSP? Also, overall it's pretty cool. Really good illustrations throughout, with a few rough spots. Parts that bug me: the red/orange/yellow lines look weird with the extra long gradient transparency on the ends...it should be a lot shorter otherwise it looks like it was more of an afterthought mask reveal in AE. One other thing to work on would be overlapping the timings of your movements. In the Mythbusters part, all the secondary line work is starting and stopping at about the same time on everything. The guys move up together after what feels like a slightly too long awkward pause while the lines finish up their appearance and the center X begins to spin. Mix that stuff up to give it a more natural feel and I think it will greatly improve the piece overall (or just apply that thought to your next project). I also really like the music on this. Did you do that or what is it from?
  11. Just signed up, but haven't really had a chance to get any decent games yet. I'm going to pick up Gears of War and Ghost Recon this week, though. Gamertag = worldpattern Original, eh?
  12. Hot Chip, Mobius Band, Califone, CSS, Mylo, Tussle.
  13. ??? But there are at least 20 other songs that are way better this year. Are you sure?
  14. At least he didn't ask who wanted to drink from the firehose.
  15. That's a really sweet deal. Congrats. I was going to give the Amazon thing a shot and if I don't get one there, just buy the full system. I'm really looking forward to getting into GOW.
  16. Anti-PS3 promo that day only? If not, how?
  17. I played a couple minutes of some racing game at Best Buy yesterday (I'd like to call it Ridge Racer, but I'm too lazy to doublecheck on that). The visuals looked good and the gameplay was fine enough, but no way is it worth getting a PS3 for. I wish they had put Resistance into the demo unit instead.
  18. I've switched plans and will be getting myself an Xbox360 for my birthday in a couple weeks. The main reason: GOW. I cannot get that fucking song out of my head and I'm hoping this will somehow take care of it. Also, I want a decent mindless killing game. If things work out well with my new job, I'll pick up the Wii in a few months, too. PS3 can suck it til it's under $400 (though I did get to play one at Best Buy yesterday and it is pretty sweet).
  19. Nice work, Chris! Glad to see you worked on the Bad Idea project for Shiny, too. Ron's great to work with.
  20. Is there a plan for turning this into something more than this? There isn't much to grab onto as it is, and it doesn't really make any sense to have two guys with an explosion...what's the point of it? I'd like to see more of a logical reason and progression for those things to exist together. However, if this is for VJing, that probably isn't in the cards. Push the idea further than you have so far and you might turn out with something pretty nice.
  21. Following up: Last night I saw Justin Kay talk about his work as Upnorth, in addition to his staff work in NYC. I'm developing more respect for what he's doing, and we did go to the same art school here in Milwaukee. Seeing things in context and in the developmental stages somehow made his work more interesting to me, though I think the most entertaining tidbit is that Phil Collins and Huey Lewis played a large part in his design inspiration (in the form of quoting lyrics). Also, Justin's mom was there and he seemed a little embarrassed when she asked some questions.
  22. Oh, the melodrama that is mograph!
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