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  1. A friend of mine did one of these...actually she submitted two. One aired, the other one didnt. She's still waiting to get paid. When she called there to ask what was up, they said they had a lot of submissions and were sorting through the acccounting. Seems odd, I thought they were a big money operation and now they're totally making her chase them for payment...
  2. oh who cares? she was HOT back in the days though...
  3. I think a misspelling got through, actually...
  4. um? http://www.instantdef.com in case you were wondering, the superheroes are played by the real-life band The Black Eyed Peas.
  5. I am seriously considering starting a campaign to bring back the <BLINK> tag. I have several big money hot shots, including JayZ, who are ready to help me break this shit awf. who's with me?
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