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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to share some new work.. check it out! Updated the site with new styleframes... www.nathanielhowe.com -Nate
  2. Hey guys, I have a InDesign question for you. Where I am currently working the producers use InDesign to put together styleframe presentations. I have never really used it so i dont know the ins and outs of the software. Sometimes there are hundreds of images that go into the PDFs in a repeating pattern of 2 rows of 3 columns on the studio pitch template. They end up spending tons of times just loading in all the artists frames.. There must be someway to automate this process, and to keep the integrity of pitch template. Any leads, or suggestions how I can help them improve their workflow? Thanks in Advance Nate Howe
  3. Have you guys seen this? http://www.cinema.philips.com/?ls=gb_en I would love to find some more info on the production and post on this... also who did it. great stuff! -Nate
  4. I F@*#&^(#@&*#^@&(*@^&*#@*^ HATE THE LA BIZ TAX...... its SUCH a racket! If you miss the deadline you owe... a friend of mine just got hit with a bill for over 4grand... its such a scam and is total BS. make sure you file exempt status before the deadline...EVERY SINGLE YEAR...
  5. Nick that was dope man! It made my Friday go by quicker also!! Loved that last volley from you guys!! Best nate
  6. Hey Nog.. All of the performance photos in the American Idol frames were shot on white by FOX and Buster Design. This was done before the styleframes were created. The photos were given to designers to be used how each artist saw fit.. the frames went through tweaks and approvals etc then once signed off on were used to help create a shooting script for the live action shoot. we printed the frames and brought them to set where they are put up on big stands around the director/producers ... once we shoot a scene that covers a frame we cross it off.. we color correct and key the footage/ roto touch ups... meanwhile 2d animators are doing tests of the motion graphic elements. an editor is doing rough cuts to get the flow of the spot... client/producers/cds looking for music and approving and tweaking animation,edit,music.. once edit is locked the animators go nuts. approvals tweaks etc continue to the end then deliver.. (im sure i left a lot out but im jamming on some frames right now and gotta get back to it!!) It varies on every single job though. There is no set rules with frames... its all about a combo of these things: telling a story / defining the look / selling a concept/ conveying a message/ or just impressing a client with sick visuals that they vibe with. right now i am super busy and dont have time to get as deep into your questions as i would like... I will try and get back on with some more info when i wrap this deadline. Best, Nate
  7. Yeah all those thing def crossed my mind as i was working on the site.. I dont know that much about web-programming or any of that stuff so i wanted to keep it simple and easy to update. I thought about separating out onto pages but i didnt want some visitors to miss the links etc... i weighed the pros and cons of it being one page and decided it was better to have it all together (the marketability and alternate styles you were mentioning were part of that reasoning) There were a lot of things that i was considering (the size of frames...the amount of detail you could see if i went smaller) thumbnails (but then i felt like it would still be a lot of images and a thumb may not convey the alt styles of a project etc etc. At some point i would love to update with the site with some more polished web functionality.. but for now this is easy for me to update and show a wide range of projects. Thanks for your feedback! -Nate
  8. Yeah man, ive been focusing on design. I have been getting to direct more live action shoots also which has been great! -Sao I spoke with yahoo... they bumped my bandwidth a bit, hopefully it will be more stable now... thanks for the heads up! -Nate
  9. hahahah! ABE FROMAN.. THE SAUSAGE KING OF CHICAGO! (NINE TIMES *#@&(@*#&!!) Thanks for the props man! Miss working with you... when are we going to get on some MVVVVce!? (is blake back from his shoot yet?)
  10. Missing image placeholders are the new paint drip! should be all good now... it choked up for a minute but it seems like its back. Thanks for all the comments!! -Nate
  11. Hey guys I updated my website with new styleframes... Have a look! www.nathanielhowe.com Nate
  12. nhowe

    Kanye West

    i submit this to the thread, saw it on digg... (i actually like some of his songs..but he does seem kinda douchy. http://www.mamapop.com/mamapop/2008/11/the...-rea.html?cid=1
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