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  1. George.

    new iphone ads

    we don't get the iPhone until next year... until then i have a sweet looking Nokia N76
  2. George.

    Mountain Up

    Green Label Art is Mountain Dew's limited release artist bottle series. Bringing together a spectrum of artists and designers, the series of 12 designs covers everyone from graf legends to up and coming graphic designers. Riott! Are showcasing it at the moment... Check it here
  3. you have to slay dragons before you get your princess
  4. that was an amazing way to start my week! thanks for making my Monday alot funnier....
  5. George.


    im trying to make a SB for a personal project... thanks in advance
  6. George.


    What the name of the font is that New Era use on the caps?? LA, SD, SF etc I suck at illy and would mess it up tracing it plus i want a 'B'... Thanks
  7. san sebastien, basque region of spain. end of summer - you wont want to leave.
  8. SP07 March 30-31. Looking forward Mike OMeally, Motion Theory, Zwada and Kinsey... Anyone esle going?
  9. yeah i'm waiting until Leopard comes out before i make my 'switch' over. hoping a speed iincrease happens before that too.
  10. INFAMY just found this via hypebeast
  11. George.

    Mountain Bikes

    yeah im all about XC then... hitting trees, running over rabbits.... any thoughts on that Norco bike tread?? hey doens beaver ride a bunch as well??
  12. George.

    Mountain Bikes

    thanks again for all the replys!! i'm in Australia so i dont think i can take advantage of craigslist.... But ill def try eBay... hopefully i can score a good secondhand one as i dont think i wanna fork out for a brand new one.... Tread.. whats the difference between XC and DH (downhill im guessing)
  13. George.

    Mountain Bikes

    thanks for the replys guys! i am just looking for a bike i can do a few trails on, ride to work, have fun on.... im not serious by a long shot but just enjoy riding and doing jumps here and there.... been checking this one out as i have a friend who works for them... thoughts on the model? brand?
  14. George.


    would love to sign up but i cant figure the joint out.... i had del.ic.ious (the vidcasts) on my podcasts ages ago but its stopped d/l video into my iTunes lately... has the sub address changed?? or am i just really retarded?
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