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  1. so im a mograpger freelancer here in NYC... i sent an email with 68 adresses to let people know I need to book time... anyway i send the email and i get a response that some emails arent valid but some are... i got a few responses but i also got told that someone didnt recieve the email... is the a certain protocole to send a balst out that doesnt automatically get sent into there spam email or not sent at all... can anyway recommend someone that can help me with an email blast that people will ecieve.. someone who specializes in this.... im afraid people arent recieving them and im loosing out on work
  2. Why is it that when choosing a watercolor brush or a paint stroke brush. it looks great if we click it once or twice to create a cool effect. But if we choose the brush and a paint with it... it seems as if its rubber stamped. Theres no way to use a paint brush and have it created like a natural brush would be so. Like painting a brush and have it done in a more natural way. I have tried going into settings and fooled around with the steps and spacing it provides. But it always turnes out in a very amature way like someone took a picture of a brush stroke and just made it dublicated it over again and it turns out looking extremely BAD. Is there anyway I can create brush strokes that look natural and Im not nessaraliy need this to be done using photshop. I am open to any program to achieve this result. I am almost at the point to set up a canvas and a digital camera and snap pictures one by one to achive an animated brush stroke efefct. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and you would think that there would be a method by now that would work. I work mostly in 2D but I do dable in 3D and would definetly learn if this method is avaiable in c4d. Please if anyone knows any work arounds or any ideas of how tocreate realistic animated brush strokes I would be so happy. I know this community can figure this out and if not knows a forum where one can. lets put out heads gether and work wtih out. I ve been wanted to make this for so long....so long that thsi style was in style came out of of style and now is back in style. Even thought it may be retroo. Its still an amazing style. Lwts do it people. LETS DO IT!... THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADNVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Any positive stories of networking and permlance gig obtained by going prepared. i.e reel/cards/ and just super personable? Or just any freelance gigs from your favorite companies!?!?!?
  4. is doesnt have to animate but does nyone know of a good mac one i use to have a site saved but i have been searching all morning and NADA.... any help is much abliged
  5. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with any of these and where i can find the best one its just for a quick scene that should look alien like but CG as well for some titles...any help is much appreciated i scoured the web and found a few good leads but now im at work and dont have the time...andyone know of a lquiclk link they can bpass on?
  6. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with any of these and where i can find the best one its just for a quick scene that should look alien like but CG as well for some titles...any help is much appreciated i scoured the web and found a few good leads but now im at work and dont have the time...andyone know of a lquiclk link they can bpass on?
  7. what a dult above me?... NO CAPS moron... anyone know of any decent VFX forums
  8. ....they were so well done....couldnt say the same for the flick i mean it was good for what it was made for...we had a 9 pm showing on opening night....instead of waiting on the line we watched this is the end in front row and laughed our baked asses off...than went right into man of steel and watched that in fron row....2 movies for the price of one....now who made those titles u motion graphic bitches!!!! flipswitch.tv
  9. So I'm editing some animations and some video clips to an Allan Watts lecture and I'm looking for some inspirational musical tracks.... Any ideas? They can be dark/ominous as well... but leaning more towards inspirational instrumental tracks.. anyway I really like this musician named Kerry Muzzey here are some of his tracks.... anyone got any other suggestions? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O7By3Twzw0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EejrNJvYvS8&feature=related Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. Why do they do this!? It's so annoying and can they be changed... I am constantly hiding the AE window when I use the "OLD" key command for ADD TO RENDER QUE... it was command M... now I'm not sure what it is... is there a way to change key commands?
  11. or thanks anothername either way awesome i will now have some flashbacks from childhood
  12. holy crap! thanks Josh Parker! I just forgot I posted this to now... what a nice monday morning suprise...
  13. back in the day... and for me that's bout early to mid 80's there were a bunch of guys who painted and drew on tv shows like Bob Ross... anyone remember this one guy who use to draw with markers and pens and it use to be on walls and it was of these crazy worlds almost like a cross between doctor suess and the jetsons and they were all very detailed or what I remember they were... i actually never saw them since so i wanted to see them again now.. any other older gents like myself remember this dude?...
  14. if not how is it achieved... any ideas? first few scenes of the charlie Co reel... the NFL guys
  15. anyone know who created them and if they are online? Can't seem to find any info on em...
  16. you def dont need a diploma but going to school to network and learn certain things from instructors who freelance as well as teach is valuable... I went to community college back in the late 90's early 2000's and left when I couldn't balance my freelance work and school... what matters most in this field is a reel... you don't need to finish school but like i and firemind said there are some advantages of school... i suggest you go and just stop going when you start getting work offered to you...
  17. Like everyone and their mother I'm addicted to this show. Does anyone know who created the scene in last nights episode when the lady in red gave birth to that wraith?... It was an absolutely fantastic scene both from a filmmakers / vfx directors POV... both me and my wife were blown away... so if anyone knows what shop created it and if there is a clip online please do tell!... Also any insight on any avid readers that could explain what happened there a little more... what i got out of it is that she is some religious/pagan witch and she had sex with that one guy which i believe he thought she was going to bear him his son / but in reality he helped her bring her god from his dimension into to theirs? That's what I got from the last few episodes in that story line... anyone else can help clarify this it would be so awesome since no one i work with watches(bunch of zeros!) Thanks in advance!
  18. So I was watching some trailers in 3D on one of those samsung Tv's with the glasses that u turn on and was wondering if anyone knows... Are these 3D movies for home viewing legit 3D versions... like what I mean is you know Cameron spent so much time adjusting the different depths/parallax for each scene in avatar for 3D... is it the same 3D composition that he worked on for the theaters?... something tells me if it isn't he wouldn't let them release it for home 3d viewing which im realizing i dont even know if it is... just using it as an example... I'm on the fence about getting a 3D tv right now... its very cool and i know my wife would love it... just with everything else its going to get better with time...
  19. ya that works i guess... just weighing purchasing an wacom or cintiq for home use... thanks guys
  20. so does the screen turn off or is there some setting?... just curious... want to purchase a tablet but if the cintiq can do both than I think I'm going for that...
  21. does anyone know if you can use this as a regular wacom as well... meaning can you use it to control your cursor on your main monitor as well as switching to draw directly onto the 12 inch screen as a second monitor?...know what I mean?... does this make sense?
  22. FlipSwitch


    I'm a big fan and I usually listen to many as I work. joe rogan, marc marons, bill burr, peter holmes basically comedy related and what not... but I was wondering if you guys can recommend any VFX or Mograph podcasts...? Please do tell... thanks in advance
  23. hey i got i would say 90% of the way there.... i got a 2010 macpro 8core 2.4ghz... so i installed my SSD than i initialized it.... than i loaded lion onto it... i than used migration assistant to transfer over my apps from my original HD to my SSD and also network settings... now the hting is i have 2 user accounts my first question is do both user accounts now run the apps off my ssd or just the new one?... Because under this new user account for whatever reason i dont have permission to the folders i did not migrate over such as documents downloads and movies... the only reason why i did not migrate them is because my SSD is only 120 gigs... i was under the impression i only migrate my apps and network settings to the SSD and leave the bulk/heavy files on my orginal drive... but than what good is it if i cannot access those folders under the new user... they all have that red minus icon on them... im sure i am missing some step but i guess u can gather what i want to do... basically want access under the user that uses my ssd drive as my startup and run my apps to the folders such as movies/documents and downloads which is on my original hard drive that was my original bootup... this prob sounds like gibbirish but im exaushted and hopefully you guys understand and have a solution...
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