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  1. hi guys got a problem with the inherit effector 1) i got a tower of cubes ...they are rotating constantly 2) now i want to transfer the animation to another tower of cubes ... to achieve this i use the inherit effector in morph mode ... so far so good 3) when i now animated the strenght or the weight of the inherit effector the cubes start to rotate accordingly but the are kind of jittery too i tried everything in my power to solve this problem (mograph cache morph for example) but nothing worked. any hints? thanks guys scene file https://wetransfer.com/downloads/e1e1821bb71f58299e51b8e2661834c420170920142421/2be441
  2. ok ... newton did work after all .. trick was to use the newton aematic option ...
  3. is this possible? i tried newton but that didn't go so well any suggestions?
  4. hi, i have this pre animated, PLA baked radio waves. so the clones are all set on 0,0,0. then a step effector offsets the animatin and so the radio waves do their thing. so far so good now ... when a wave hits another object it should change its color. i was playing around with the collision detection node but whatever i did i couldnt get it to work. i saw some stuff with real dynamic collisions but i only need a collision event. any clues? any clues? thx flow
  5. hi, i just got a job request and am a little unsure if i should go for it. its a simple cloud flythrough for a couple of minutes but it needs to be stereoscopic. i have never worked with that. normally i would do the flythrough with particular in AE. can i do stereoscopic images completely in AE? otherwise i would have to do it in c4d with turbulence fd. will that be a bitch? or is it just as easy as throwing a stereo camera in the scene ... what i doubt any input is very much appreciated!
  6. hi, i have to do a piece that involves lots of typo in a brick wall look. they need to look goooooood, so i have to do proper textures for them. here is what i am thinking -do uv's each character -add brick texture in cubic mode not uv -bake texture -take that as the base for the final texture the advantage is that the cubic mode does a decent job projecting the texture, so the photoshop and bodypaint work will not start from scratch. any input? are there better ways to do that? thanks
  7. hi, i can't find this video tutorial ... or ... i think it was a siggraph rewind or something similar. i think it was about the inheritance effector. basically this guy was building little wooden cubes and embossed letters on it and then mographed those guys. does anyone remember? thx
  8. mhhh...thanks mylenium...i understand the shader effector now. big bummer that wont work in vray
  9. hi, i got another shader effector question and i was hoping you guys can help me out. ok, i got a simple test scene. cloner in grid mode with shader effector. effector got some animated noise. now via colorizer and mographs color shader i put animated colors on my clones. now i want the clones to appear and dissapear randomly. easy as pie, just add the mograph color shader to the material alpha. that works fine, BUT, what if i wanted a different shader effector to control the alpha. how do i do that? hope you know what i mean. test scene file is here! thanks!
  10. hi, ok ... i wanted to know that for a while ... let's look at a simplified version of my problem. i got a plane. that plane is deformed by some random deformers in point mode and some others, like wind and formula. so, i got some deforming animation going on. now i want the polys to blink up randomly. similar to a 70s disco floor. to do this i added a shatter deformer to break apart the polys. throw that in a fracture object and add a shader effector with a noise and you are good to go. (i prepared a test file, link is below / on the left is the undeformed plane / on the right is the plane with deformers active) next step is to add a material to the fracture object. i used a colorizer effect on a mograph color shader. boom, we got color on the plane! now the problem starts though. the noise that is used in the shader effector is static, got no animation at all. the deformed plane got animation and when its moving it changes color. i don't want that to happen!!!!! as far as i understand it, this is what is happening: the polys are moving through the noises space and therefore change its grayvalue. i tried changing the "space" settings of the noise shader to UV (and tried all other settings as well) but that didn't work. it gets better but it doesnt solve the problem. in my final animation the mesh is moving quite fast but the blinking should maintain very slow. thats what i don't get working my idea to solve this was to bake a b/w texture sequence without any deformation. so i would have a "blink map". then apply this animated texture to the deformed plane and use the colorizer effect. now the blinking and can be slow and the movement of the deformers can move fast. i couldn't get the baking to work properly. i guess thats not working on a fracture object http://weew.ee/u6JDv - test scene file any help on this? thx PS: i didn't get how to attach a scene file directly in the forum. is there a way to have that post preserved for future mographers? i hate it when you find a post with links that are long gone.
  11. steadycam pro from tca studios is a free plugin for c4d. i really fell in love with that rig. it takes some time to get used to but it just kicks ass then.
  12. guys...thanks for your input. i use nitrobake all the time as well. great plugin !!!! this was my initial approach. but unfortunately in my case something funky has happened with nitrobake. i have hunderds of small pieces and a lot of frames. so the scene is kind of heavy. for some reason the endresult with nitrobake is weird. it keeps the old psr tracks and just adds empty new ones. will give steadybake a try on monday. his plugins are awesome!!!!! steadycam pro is THE best cam rig in my opinion.
  13. thx mylenium ... i LOOOOOOVEEE alembic ... but can you elaborate how you mean that. i tried but i failed. so i did a simple test again: i have a 600fps / 2 sec animation of a cube rotating. when exporting this object as alembic and import that into a 25fps scene it still plays back a 2 sec animation. i tried importing the abc as 25fps and 600fps. i still end up with a 2 sec animation. what to do? edit: played around with ABC subframes settings ... still no luck
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