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  1. I had not seen that. Lovely stuff ... the visuals, not the topic/s
  2. What issues are you having with shape layer approach?
  3. Howdy folk, heading into a session of research for graphics based approach for a mid-length documentary and figure, rather than just using what we've seen and know (and where we're led), why not use the brains and eyes of the hive-mind. So ... seen any great treatments in docos recently? Approaches that combine, newspaper clippings, footage and photography? Thanks in advance. Any and all leads, styles and eras appreciated.
  4. Ratbaggy

    Showreel 2014

    Some lovely work Igor. Keep it up.
  5. Yep. Flash, and some finishing in after effects.
  6. whens the update coming Binky? Yell out if you need any forms of assistance.
  7. Smile Dental : Top of The Class from Supernaut
  8. Way to fail Maxon. So frustrating.
  9. mandatory viewing for graduates and experienced mographers alike. great stuff!
  10. A while back I saw an amazing showreel of 2d (pretty sure they were traditional animation too) effects, like explosions, dust, fluid etc. Anyone remember it, and have a link?
  11. yes, there are a few ways to approach it, simplest being placing a grid over the footage. best results though would come from feeding the vision out to a monitor, and shooting that.
  12. Urrrgh, why can't we embed vimeo content?
  13. I too ran a Dell 2408 but had issues with the colour and wide gamut resulting in oversaturated output when not in a colour managed app - understandable, but not helpful. The 2410 is friendlier in it's abilities. And they're cheaper than an ACD. That said, it's really going to be budget based. NEC Mulisyncs are meant to be some decent shit.
  14. define 'flickering' in another direction did you use NET Render?
  15. select tri/polygon. rotate. profit.
  16. the fact that you use "unexpected" to describe the functionality speaks volumes. just one of the pleasures of working with c4d I guess.
  17. it's ridiculously bad, they don't seem to be doing much about it the overlayed interface annoys the **** out of me.
  18. what's the broadcast version worth to them? (from a return point of view...what are they expecting in $ terms) based on that...the old 1:4 ratio perhaps.
  19. Urrrgh ok maybe someone here can shed a light. So I bought this ram, and added it to the system. turns out the differences are that the new modules are x4(dual-rank) and the modules from Apple are x8(single-rank). Why-o-why is this so difficult? SO now I either have to spend more money to get me back up to the amount of RAM I thought I was going to get (get more dual-rank modules) or spend more money on getting the more expensive single-rank modules - they're about double. In my mind, cost is pretty important (bang for buck), but I don't understand tech stuff in great detail. so...is there any reason the single-rank would be the way to go? re-sellability? stability? speed? etc etc
  20. 16Gb more RAM is on the way, so we'll see what difference that makes
  21. nice one - makes sense. what we're not covering though is the issue of aeselflinks not shutting down randomly though eh. Though I am working on a theory...could it be at all possible that Quicktime could be causing issues? It might just be a coincedence, but the times I've noticed the references not shutting down, Quicktime has often been open.
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