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  1. You're not the only one The LW renderer still rocks though... -Matt
  2. No benchmarks but my initial impressions have been: nightmare. Word of warning if you're installing on Win7 64, I had a hell of a time just getting it installed and I'm not the only one: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/628980 - there are some fixes and workarounds in there if you get similar problems. Seems to be all to do with permissions, I had to do a lot of registry hacking. I then couldn't get any Quicktimes using ProRes codecs into AE without the Adobe QT32 server crashing (causing said quicktimes to stop working). These clips were still working in AE CS3 with no problems. This was eventually fixed by giving the QT32 server firewall access (apparently it communicates through TCP) and updating to latest version of Quicktime (I was on 7.6, newest version is 7.6.6). Still haven't had the chance to put it through it's paces but wondering what other issues are round the corner. The joys of the early adopter... :/ -Matt
  3. souzou


    This is nothing new. From 2007: http://www.amanwithapencil.com/adobe.html I guess until Adobe products get some competition they can get away with it...
  4. Why don't you just register for VAT? Anyone can register for VAT (you don't have to be over the threshold) - I assume most of your clients are VAT-registered so they aren't going to mind paying the VAT on your invoice, and then you can claim the VAT back on any business purchases you make. It's a hassle to do a quarterly return but the savings are worth it.
  5. Kingston University (West London) do an MA in Screen Design for Film & TV. You're pretty much left to your own devices so you'll get out what you put in. http://www.kingston.ac.uk/postgraduate/courses/artdesign.htm
  6. souzou

    It's HOT!

    It's "only" 90deg here (London) but we have no air-con, so with all the macs on I dread to think what the temperature gets up to. Just glad we can wear shorts & t-shirts...
  7. Ahh, life returns to normal. (if you can call reading a forum 6hrs before you have to get up for work normal...) Glad we didn't lose all the posts. Out of interest is there a backup of any of the archives anywhere?
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