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  1. I wouldn't say unstoppable for me...but definitely finicky here. They've attempted to make preview playback and rendering separate from using the interface...so you can adjust things while it's playing (as opposed to the way it used to work, where the preview would stop if you clicked anywhere or hit a key). So I'm wondering if that behavior is over-riding stopping a preview? I still prefer numpad+0 to kick off a preview, and it seems I have to hit it several times to stop it. (2 or 3)
  2. Yeah thanks Todd. I kept my 2014 AE intact...but apparently missed that on the media encoder. This will get me back in business for now. I'm thinking the issue I'm having with this file in 2015 is the continuous rasterization of an AI file that is being used as a 3D layer. I fly the camera through it, which means it is creating a monstrous pixel resolution on the fly. I remember this being a problem in an earlier 2014 version, but it eventually got addressed. Hoping this can be addressed quickly with 2015's new architecture as this is a workflow I use a lot. (Vector art from AI brought in and turned into 3D layers) Sorry for dilluting your thread. I'll take this to the Adobe forum.
  3. It appears to have something to do with continuous rasterization of an AI file. If I uncheck the continuous rasterize tick box, the error goes away inside After Effects while doing a ram preview...however I'm still getting a failed render in media encoder. The error log says "unkown error" This is why I need to be on AE Beta. hint, hint. Sorry to dilute your announcement thread. If there is another place I can take this, please point me in that direction.
  4. So is 32 GB not sufficient anymore?? This is a very simple scene... And since the 2015 install wiped out my 2014 media encoder (no apparent choice to save that one from being wiped as it is part of the AE install) I now have to take an intermediate step of rendering to ProRes from 2014, then bring into media encoder to re-encode to the proper formats. If this new architecture won't work on 32 GB then it is effectively wiping out a large percentage of users who are on iMacs. Nearly every agency I go to is using iMacs as their workstations. Not complaining...just need to know what we're up against here.
  5. If this functionality is important to you, do it in Flash and import the .swf into AE for comping. It won't be *editable* in AE, but works great
  6. Just a quick update...I re-opened the file in 2014 and it's working fine. So...definitely a 2015 issue.
  7. I'm getting out of memory errors on a file that worked just fine in 2014. It is an Illustrator file that is causing the issue. (A very simple one at that)...however, it is a 3D layer and the camera flies through it. So I'm guessing it's something to do with the rasterization of that asset. Annoying none-the-less. Attempting to re-open the file in 2014 even though I've saved it as a 2015 version now.
  8. For what it's worth, my spacebar panning is still working in the timeline with AE CC 2015. Mac OS X 10.9.5
  9. TRS has turned out to be a real mess. I have personally had many issues with it. Jobs not showing up when added to folder. When jobs are started, they change status to "complete" before they've even rendered a single frame. Render clients unreachable. Have to login remotely and restart them manually to get them to work. Render clients keeping their status at "idle" and just not rendering at all. Duplicate jobs being created in the web interface, that aren't really there in the folder structure. Jobs rendering that have missing textures. No error thrown. Horrible, horrible non-user friendly web interface. No frame range listed. Having to jump all over the place to get basic information. I could go on... but what's the point? It should have never been released in this state. Apparently some beta testers mentioned some of these issues, but they were ignored by the development team, or other issues took higher priority. Really losing my faith in Maxon.
  10. I'd start with some decent reference photos from front and side, then start with a cube and model it polygonally. Use the knife set to loop mode and lots of polygonal extruding and some bridging. It's a fairly simple model to build. The key is going to be in the texturing. You'll want to edit your UVs in bodypaint to get a good even surface.
  11. We have enough users in this area that the time has come to have a get together. August 4, 5:30 pm Iostudio Jackson Conference Room 565 Marriott Drive, Suite 700 Will last about an hour. This first go-round is basically a meet-n-greet. Hope to see some of you there. Send me a PM if you need additional info. Thanks!
  12. It's all good...though i've been a member here for at least a couple of years, i'm still a newb as to the rules and such. I was just relieved to know the reason. Best
  13. You are right. My bad for posting where I did. It was 50% emotion and 50% business. mixing emotion and business can be dangerous, but it is this passion that allows me to be creative. For the most part, this company paid well and on time. They are simply unwilling to pay for the work that was done on the project in question because the client disappeared. They've asked if they could make it up on future projects. It is more complicated than a simple yes or no situation. They've agreed to not hand off work from individuals anymore (too risky) and only hand off work from large clients (of which they have many). I'm a bit snake bitten by it, and not sure how I could do more work for them and feel right about it.
  14. client was overseas... you are absolutely right about contracts. and that's why he knows he can get away with it. what bothers me, is how a mod removed the thread! That's just not right. I've received several PM's from people saying they appreciated knowing. And please note that I am not mentioning the name of the individual or his company here. I would like to add that I have had many clients that I have a good relationship with, and in the past, this client paid fairly quickly. But this one scenario has gone neglected for a while. OK...I've expended enough mental energy on this...moving on now.
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