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  1. Hi, I remember there was a good book on compositing, I forgot the name........ What do you guys/girls recommend (books, tutorials, online movies,...) We use Shake, AE, cinema4d, lightwave. Many thx Olav
  2. Depends on what you want, is there a moviecontroller or not, if not (also if so) you can telltarget the embedded video and stop on framenumbers or framelabels of you choice. Olav
  3. No problem, In flash 8 the On2 VP6 codec supports this, check encode aplha channel, only problem I found is when there are speed changes of clip in FCP - results in an dirty alphachannel, but exporting the ani in others programmes to the right speed solves it. Olav
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a way to create waterdrops that slide from my screen (like they do on a window), I don't really now where to start, create it in 3D (C4D), AE, FCP or.... Thse are composited over the footage I'm creating. Anybody have some tips, links, plugs,...? THX O.
  5. Hi, I use popups a lot, but only as mentioned before for flashsites (and only if clients and the projects is up for it), there are several ways, automatic (code in html) or by an component in flash, usealy I use both, since a lot of site block the popups. Even I have the code for mutliple windows making one site; but damm that really anoying. Don't go there, one click besides one window and you'r totaly screwed. Tell me what you want or take the code (html from my side), it uses both, but the flash component have to be sent in FLA file. SITE Olav
  6. Firemind you did a great job!!!! I'm only new for 2 weeks and this is an essentiel tool for me, good feedback comes from the members, it might be hard from time to time, but he it make better movies in the end! Recently I'm having my own dedicated server which I'm using for hosting, I'de like to offer mograph users this hosting for a cheap price (as cheap as I can go) (it would be great if people told me what they would like to have, for price and package, than I can see if I can handle it). I was thinking about this; every account that would be sold would offer a free of charge of at least say 20 mb for mograph.net, with this space available we could start our own MOGRAPHVIDEO.NET site, which allows us to post videos in catergories and make the world greatest Dbase of video's by mographmembers! Would do you guys think? It is just an idea. Olav
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