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  1. Hey gang, I just wrapped up an infographic animation segment for a short documentary explaining how septic systems on Cape Cod pollute the local groundwater, lakes, ponds and estuary systems with nitrogen and phosphorus. Love to know what everyone thinks. Thanks! Septic System Pollution
  2. Thanks thekinginyellow. Can you elaborate on "slow"? I didn't realize I could embed on mograph now. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Hey there fellow mographers, It's been a long while since I've posted here. I wanted to share a new opening title sequence I designed for the upcoming film literacy miniseries that will screen throughout the summer at The Cinema Circus Children's Film Festival. All feedback welcome and appreciated! Professor Projector - Main Title Sequence Many Thanks, Jeremy
  4. Thanks for the the input dan_hin and vozzz. I wasn't aware of NoSpec movement. Will definately look into it. It does seem like a way for the big multi-nationals to take advantage of the design community. But, like vozzz points out, it gives you a chance to develop the idea fully as art director. I wonder if these "contests"ever lead to more real work with any of the big companies?
  5. Hello fellow mographers. I'm curious if any of you have submitted work to Zooppa? It's basically a site for large-scale corporations to put on design contests. What are your thoughts on this model? Any experiences?
  6. These guys look like they may simplify the business side of things for freelance motion designers. According to their website, they offer the "convenience of doing your taxes on a single W-2 rather than managing multiple income sources and 1099s. Go from project to project with many different studios and continue to get paid without the hassle of keeping up with IRS forms." They also boast comprehensive health, dental and retirement packages, etc. Just curious if anyone here has heard of these guys or uses them? If so, what has your experience been? - More info here -
  7. My sleep patterns are never regular, though I always feel best with 8-10 hrs of rest in the bag. Unfortunately it works out to something closer to 4-6.
  8. J-Bird

    First Reel

    i love the dartboard ending. keep it up!
  9. fantastic! thanks for sharing the link. a ton of inspiration there!
  10. J-Bird

    XLNT Ads

    i found a link to this site from craigslist. anyone had any experiences with them? sort of seems like major brands trying the old "lets get some cheap talent" tactic, i think. www.xlntads.com
  11. J-Bird

    Future of Mograph

    Here ya go Firemind... AmbitiousLemon web hosting offers FREE professional hosting for non-profit websites. Hope this helps!
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