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  1. I'm having same issues with the camera. I can access the X and Y handles in the comp, but I can't access the Z handle. I actually have to use the track Z tool or plug in coords. Kind of a pain in the ass.
  2. Microsoft has had an in house division for a long time. Microsoft Studios...though I heard they laid off the entire graphics division.
  3. aspekt

    Logo animation...

    Thanks for the crit. It really is one of those projects that I started as a learning experiment, so there wasn't really any concept in mind going forward. Like I said "just messing around." having fun. firt time out animating the camera in c4d, so yeah there's room def. for jello there. initially wanted to animate it down the same path of the same spline everything else flows down but it wasnt giving me what I was looking for. Lots to learn and not a lot of time to lear it in.
  4. I spend most of my time editing and working with 2d graphics, but I've been slowly moving into 3D...any way just messing around in my spare time I've been working on this logo animation for the studio I work for: https://vimeo.com/89552766 Let me know what ya think.
  5. I'll give that a shot, I came across this tutorial that actually worked very well...although it really jacked up the geometry in my scene: http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-make-a-dynamic-chain-with-cinema-4d/
  6. Looks like those links aren't working: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k6twosxzkcdusw/Screen%20shot%202013-11-05%20at%201.47.04%20PM.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/of2qsg6dk9hplie/Screen%20shot%202013-11-05%20at%201.38.47%20PM.png
  7. I'm trying to use dynamics to dangle one object from another. Inparticular, a christmas ornament from a hook. I figured this would be a simple hting, but for some reason I just cant get it to work. I set a collider tag on the hook that I made from a sweep nurb. Than I set a rigid body tag on the bulb. but for some reason the bulb just passes right through the hook...I'm still learning C4D, so i tried a bunch of stuff like nesting the objects in fracture objects, converting everything to polygons, etc, etc. Nothing worked. I tried looking online for any kind of tutorial but all i can find is people dangling things from ropes...if I ever need to do that I'm all set! Here are some images of the projects. Any insights would be great!
  8. Yeah, it was a glitch...weird. I did end up eventually just going into the curve editor and setting the value there. worked fine.
  9. I'm using a very basic TP rig and. I'm trying to keyframe the shot and for some reason C4D won't let me. I can set a keyframe for a starting value. But it won't let me change that value. when I advance a frame instead of seeing a yellow circle by "shot" I see a circle with a red outline. Has anyone ever run into this?
  10. Haven't heard that one for a while, still just as bad-
  11. I think they're missing one key element in all this...Professionalism. What level of that can they expect to see from Students ?
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