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  1. It's been a looooong time i was here!

  2. Very nice stuff! All shiny !! Vraiment bon!
  3. Well pretty good! I have come out of the big city ( small Montreal ) for the less urban jungle! Design and builded a house in the country last year. Have my home studio and i'm working for a national TV channel. I enjoy the country with my mountain bike more than my computer screen! I'm glad to be back!
  4. Hello folks! Fred is still there! Wow! it's been a long time!
  5. THe hole place has change ... since i last came here! My god! i'm back from hibernation
  6. the hole place has change since i was here the last time!!!

  7. Never give up! i'll go have a peak at the nice work again. later
  8. BRAVO ! U got lots of work done! Happy to see all that!
  9. Any body can help my find cheap lodging? I'm trying to gather my stuff to go, but... the construction of my new house cost me. So right now i'm looking for options. Thanks Friends!
  10. Self_90

    My new spec spot

    Just Perfect Chris!! Great job! I like the guy with the big coffee mug ... he's in every shot doing prefectly "nothing" Keep up the work, and hope it brings you clients! cheers
  11. There was another guy doing that ?? If i could remember!
  12. Is that really you Fred ??? i'm shocked! thanks for the link! Going to check right away.
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