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  1. Try these out isodesign.co.uk oncewerefarmers.com graphicalhouse.co.uk
  2. More examples - 2.5d is kinda their house style. www.isodesign.co.uk Check out 'Ian Rankin investigates ...'
  3. saying no to work - so tired and burnt that I feel sick!
  4. Sapphire effects has a pretty good paint filter, which can give similar results - i'll post some examples when i get back to work
  5. As said 'levels' should do the trick, also a gray scaled canvas/paper texture with a blend mode can add to the effect
  6. Yeah - actually turned all of them off double clicking really hard & fast seems to work, almost like a key is jammed - but as i was saying it works fine in the other account really stumped by it.
  7. Cheers ... done all that and still no luck. So i created a new user account and copied all my files onto a firewire/across to new account, where it's working fine. knocked most of my day out, thanks Mr Jobs
  8. This is killing me as I've got a major deadline OSX has stopped accepting double clicks in what seems to be the desktop and and foreground running apps i.e I now can't open up AE comps etc When I right click and open the main hard disk icon, everything in that works ok with double click, so i've repaired disk permissions, tried diff mice/tablets, googled everything I can think of and still come up blank? Can anybody help????
  9. Ahoy there ISO are pretty much the only main company (who I would rate) some others though http://www.oncewerefarmers.com (not to sure if they are still running) http://www.graphicalhouse.com (I think these guys are an offshoot of ISO) If you're looking for work, the best bet would be some of the post-production facilities in Glasgow & Edinburgh, I work for one of the main one's and my work supply has been constant the last year or so!
  10. sneakergimp


    gotta love rapidshare, it's not scheduled for the UK till 2008 episode 10 was amazing, roll on this evening
  11. there is 422 Manchester http://www.422manchester.com they are a branch of the their main company 422 South http://www.422.com/ws2/index.php
  12. Their 2-VBR pass can be buggy depending the format, check out their forums. I got seriously screwed on a dvd project with it, when i thought it was my fault that files were playing up/glitchy on playback.
  13. we use it in our edit reel, helps us get away from being to serious mini-vegas also use it well
  14. u might like the more abstract style of this http://www.isodesign.co.uk/tv/368_edinburg...rghshow_320.mov
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