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  1. Increasingly feeling like the Willy Loman of the mograph world...
  2. A top spec iMac retina against a 6 core medium spec new Mac Pro saves me at least £1000, is equally fast for many things, and has a free 5K screen thrown in! It is very tempting. Can the screen be set to pixel double (still a pretty good 2.6K resolution) to free up GPU cycles for viewport previews in C4D? Can Todd reveal when, if ever, a mid spec dual GPU Mac Pro will actually be noticeably faster than a top end iMac for use with AE or PrPro?
  3. Great movie, now where is the tutorial?
  4. Thats nice, though I tend to do final exports from AE. Some boost to RAM preview speeds in AE would probably be the thing that makes the most difference in everyday work, even if only a draft 3D version for fine tuning animation.
  5. I imagine the same lack of enthusiasm in the consumer market is going to stop 4K from going mainstream as has done with 3D. Most of what people watch on TV (game shows, talent shows, reality shows etc) really doesn't look any better in 3D or 4K, so who is going to spend on the equipment, and which companies are going to invest in the bandwidth?
  6. Any idea of when or if any CC components are really going to harness the dual GPU power of the new MacPros? I am going to have to pull the trigger on one soon (mainly because my existing machine is getting so old). It would make the decision a bit easier if I knew all that processing power wasn't going to sit idle for several years.
  7. This is a fantastic time and complexity saver. My grumpy side says "why wasn't this available 5 versions ago, it could have saved me weeks of my life!" I always thought it would be good if all effects could have a compositing option (but I guess I never suggested it officially, so I can't complain). I don't see blending mode options - can we only do transparency? The ability to use add mode for blurry glows would be an obvious use.
  8. Lets hope 50p/60p doesn't take off either. My renders are slow enough.
  9. I am a bit suspicious of "realtime". Nice to have quick previews sometimes, but I don't 100% trust GPU powered effects. I was using Colorista extensively in a project, and was getting tiny, but annoying colour artifacts. I turned of GPU processing and rendering was noticeably slower, but more accurate. I suspect realtime keying is probably a bit like this - in many cases the corners cut for speed may not matter, but every so often some annoying glitch crops up, or some required feature is not available, and all the time you saved is wasted in working out a work-around
  10. Love it. Throb is of course correct, but Binky has found a legalistic get out worthy of a corporate tax attorney
  11. This is the biggest event for pro Mac users since the advent of the Mac Pro 7 years ago. Apple have given plenty of notice, and software developers will surely have prototypes to work with. Unless Apple asks a ridiculous amount for them and sales suffer, it is in everyone's interest for this to work well - there are a lot of Adobe and Maxon customers who will upgrade/subscribe overnight if it does.
  12. Still not convinced that in 5 years time all my jobs will be stereo 3D 4K HDR. Regular 1080 25p still has a bit of life in it. All I ask is that I can have a full HD C4D render going on while I work on a full HD After Effects project - or vice versa. 32 GB should do for that.
  13. I was thinking how do I stack all my gRaid drives on top of it, then I realized I can stack the new MacPro on top of the drives. Surely they can keep manufacturing costs down, by keeping the box small and fairly standard, and simplifying all the expansion options into Thunderbolt? Will they pass the costs on to us? Will we be able to buy without RAM and source our own (looks like we only have one bite at deciding how much RAM we will give it)
  14. Let's hope this is available in time for the launch
  15. whooaah! - where did the 3.5" floppy disk drive go!
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