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  1. Hey guys, I have been researching kaleidoscopic animations and mirroed imagery animations and been having zero luck coming up with good examples. Anyone know any good links for these types of animations? The subject matter is no matter, just need to get a feel of the look... Thanks for any help!
  2. Hey guys! Just posted a new skit from the same guys from the Hot Dog Lady skit. I shot, edited, animated and graded the video, everything except post audio. It was a quick turnaround as well. We pulled this off in 10 days. Take a look and let me know what you think. Please LIKE the video and their facebook page... Cheers! Chris
  3. Hey guys. Crabbey here. Been some time. I am moving on to a new path in my career and I could use some help if anyone is interested. I am directing a short film. It is a dark comedy called Working. It is all about corporate greed and what it takes to climb the corporate ladder. If you would like to learn more, please check out my Kickstarter page: I could use plenty of help eitehr financially or graphically. So if you are so inclined, PM me or donate via the Kickstarter page. Hope all is well in the community! Chris
  4. Thanks everyone! Glad to be back... Didn't know anything was still happening over here. LOL. If anyone is a blogger or knows a blogger, please see if they will post the video up. We have had a great first day (26,000 views) and want to keep the momentum rolling. Thanks if you can help.
  5. Yeah I am with you on the LA Centric thing... We weren't sure how far the joke would travel outside of LA. As far as pushing it, I had scripted so much more, but we got booted from one of the locations 2 hours early. Owner was a bit caught off guard by the amount of production happening. So we had to cut some stuff short... Bummer but part of life... Thanks for th efeedback man. As always, I appreciate it. This is a new craft to me and even though some ideas translate very easily, others are a whole new lesson. I feel like it is 8 years and I just signed up to mograph. LOL.
  6. Hey guys! Long time since I have been around these parts. I just finished post on my newest project called Hot Dog Lady. It is a music video/sketch comedy for a trio called We're Still Friends. These guys are simply hilarious. All comments are welcome, I can take it... I hope you enjoy it! Although it is like on mograph, it was a challenge because directing is a whole new ballgame. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT if you can... Chris Abbey crabbey.com
  7. Hey what's happening everyone? It's been a long time since I have posted in here. I have recently in the past couple years been trying to switch over to cinematography and photography and wanted to share with you my latest work... I know it isn't super serious mograph but I thought you might dig it. Enjoy... Happy Easter!
  8. What form do we need to file? Does it only apply to people who who live/work there? What if you remotely work for a company from LA?
  9. I usually do all my boards in PS with some simple sketches before for basic ideas and composition. I just recently tried doing some frames in AE so that I could use the camera tool directly, but I found the workflow a lil less smooth...
  10. what should i do with my other $900K???
  11. Thanks everybody. I really appreciate it.
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