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  1. Shameless self-plug. I wanted to share my fan made main titles project for the tv series LOST, which I spent working on / off, for the last several years. And really brought it to fruition, working on it every day during the quarantine of 2020. C4D, Redshift, and Substance Painter were used extensively in this project. View here: https://vimeo.com/523005563
  2. Glad to see that this site is back up! Great job Zack!
  3. I have found this series at School of Motion to be very useful. http://www.schoolofmotion.com/mac-vs-pc-mograph-part-3-making-transition-pc/
  4. @Basic - It wasn't too difficult. However I did need a refresher course because it has been many years / versions, since I have last used Windows. So I literally had to watch several Youtube videos to see what was new in Windows 10. And overall just learn the short cuts and understand the OS better. Unfortunately it's just a bit too clunky after using a Mac for so many years after. But maybe my opinion will change after several months.
  5. Thank you Oeuf and ChrisC. These little nuggets do make the experience back to Windows a bit more enjoyable. However after a month (I know it's early) of using Windows 10, I think I might stick with my Mac for all of my design work. And use my new PC build, for 3D only.
  6. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to my questions VelocityVideo! 01 - I am aware of the tab setup, so that you can cycle through multiple windows. But I was hoping the functionality would be more along the lines of when you are viewing a website. Having one window, and multiple pages along the top. 02 - I will have to further explore this 03 - Unfortunately I do not. But I need to further explore the option within the control panel to turn this off. Because I find it very annoying. 04 - It's good to know that you can.
  7. Seems pretty straight forward. I would create my elements within C4D and then apply a Sketch & Toon to reveal off/on the line work. And maybe export a couple of null objects, so that you can apply a few shape layer animations for the various pattern animations. EJ Hassenfratz at Eyedesyn usually has a lot of knowledge when it comes to this type of aesthetic. http://www.eyedesyn.com/tutorials/how-to-offset-sketch-toon-stroke-draw-on-animations-in-cinema-4d/
  8. Finally made the jump from Mac to PC, after using a Mac for almost 10 years. However I started originally with Windows 3.1 / 95. Trying to make this transition as easy as possible... I was wondering if anyone had solutions for the following: 01 - Is it possible to use tabs within Windows 10, similar to OSX? 02 - Is there a quick way to preview files / images without using Adobe Bridge? (For example: The spacebar within OSX) 03 - In Windows 10, a lot of times when I type, a virtual keyboard appears. Is there a way to disable this? 04 - Is the only replacement for QT Pro, VLC?
  9. Some really great presentations of FMX 2016 on the Maxon site, through Livestream. http://www.maxon.net/fmx-2016/overview.html?utm_content=buffer85d25&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  10. Thanks Detline! Working with 480x270 sized thumbnails made it easier for me to rescale and align content accordingly to a grid, that worked with 960x540 images.
  11. Hey Mograph.net folks, It’s a new year. And I am glad to let you know that my new site is live! www.ryan-massiah.com It also contains link to my archive site. Containing a collection of my archive works, created during the course of my Graphic Design career. cargocollective.com/massiah_archive/ Cheers, Ryan
  12. Appreciate that you are getting back into VrayforC4D tutorials again.
  13. Well done Tom! Your reel is completely on point. And overall presentation of work on the site looks great.
  14. Not to go off topic from this post Todd. But I wanted to know if Adobe would consider another pricing option with future versions of CC. One that would be pay as you use it. I can only wish... but I sometimes I find that I don't always use the CC suite as often (for example: if I am working in-house at a studio, as opposed to my home studio).
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