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  1. KGB

    Long time no see!

    Oh hai guize! You know...maybe a facebook group is not too bad of an idea!
  2. KGB

    Long time no see!

    For me it wasn't the hack(wasn't there several?) Somehow life just took over and I just started visiting less and less.
  3. KGB

    Long time no see!

    Well, at least you guys are still here :-)
  4. Hardware RAID. I'm wondering if it is the media(provided by client) referenced by the AE project. Earlier on, it would randomly tell me it can't read a file, but that error disappeared. Now this is happening. I ended up solving the issue by either rendering with 1 or 2 cores, more than that seems to have the error pop up. I wonder if the disk can't keep up with the cores some how...dunno.
  5. KGB

    Long time no see!

    So....I haven't been on here for probably about 4 years now? Um....WHAT'S NEW?! Everyone still here?
  6. I am too now having this issue. Render crashes at a random place after frame 500. Writing to a RAID 0 (3TB). AromaKat, did you ever solve your issue?
  7. "Pay a little closer attention to detaaaaaaaaaaaaails All the things you're taking for granted are just as important as what you see" LOL...love the custom tune.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4IC7qaNr7I&feature=youtu.be
  9. Nice new mograph related video from the guys at Daily Planet. :-) Gettin' Money with a Mouse and a Wacom Pen
  10. I've developed a mini-tourette's ...randomly going "like a work placemen-----brraaaaaooooowwwwwww"
  11. KGB


    I loved the movie. As said, it wasn't perfect, but I can't wait to see it again. Did anyone thing that the score was a bit overpowering at times?
  12. KGB

    Starcraft II

    I played through the single player missions....thought it was great! Haven't tried the multiplayer aspect yet.
  13. KGB

    Optimus Block Party?

    Also this is happening on the 19th... http://www.chicagoisc.com/
  14. KGB

    Optimus Block Party?

    Don't know if I can make it to RDS, but the other two events I think I can manage.
  15. We have a couple render boxes going at work and have been getting an error I haven't seen before. It says, render control file is not valid. Has anyone here had such an error or issues? To illustrate the setup: The project is queued on a mac, and sent over to a windows share on the network, which is then accessed by a Boxx render box. Both computers appear to have full permissions for writing/reading files. Thanks in advance!
  16. KGB

    Optimus Block Party?

    Alright....I think it's this week. It's time for my annual "Who's going?" Any bets on who will be the meme visitor of this year? Double Rainbow guy? Ceiling cat?
  17. I remember seeing that cam on Gizmodo. Its a very interesting design, and the photos look better than I thought they would.
  18. KGB

    3ds Max -> C4D

    Thanx dudes. Yea, from what I hear, Nick has some great tutorials online. Cineversity sounds like an awesome resource, so I'll check that out as well. @Mike, I'm definitely not giving up Max. If anything, I'll convert my workplace over to the dark side
  19. KGB


    Been looking around for comparable products. Synology seems to have a couple, and are building a good reputation. http://www.synology.com/us/ The products are more NAS based(kinda like the Drobo FS), however are reported to be rather quick.
  20. Look at this first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73W7G2fRuH0 Then check out the awesome Jazz version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpuoO5hqAqA
  21. KGB


    I'm looking at the Drobo my self now. Sao and aspekt, did you guys pick up the FS versions?
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